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  1. Hi all šŸ™‚ Iā€™m back to playing regularly again and Iā€™m thinking of rebuilding my colour shop. Before I spend many hours doing this, do people still use shops a lot? Back in the day it was worthwhile as so many people played but Iā€™m not so sure these days?

    Iā€™m just wondering whether it would be easier just to sell my mined materials to existing shops if they are no longer used much.

    Thanks in advance šŸ˜
  2. Shops, are not as busy as they once where, you can still sell items I sell very few couloured blocks such as wool but that could be my prices, I do sell a lot of beacons, iron, pistons though in my bulk buy area so just depends on your price, product and players buying power (PPPP) :D

    And welcome back
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  3. Thanks for this! šŸ˜ So looks like it may be worth giving it a go if some items still sell? Or just doing bulk selling like you say. What is the situation these days on advertising? Can you still promote your shop on each server?
  4. Have fun, whatever you do! :)
    I can't help you on the question, as for one I've never used shops much myself, and on top of that I don't play myself. :p
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  5. Yes, you can, but I believe the limit has been reduced to every 12 hours.
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  7. My shop sells just about everything, and it has been very slow for the past year. People still buy just not like they use to. But if you don't you won't so it's worth it!:D
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  8. Agreed.
    Shops are not used often, it seems. Part of the issue is finding them. The sheer number of derelict shops is staggering.
    If it helps - I am buying most everything :D block-wise. My own little effort to boost the economy - one rupee at a time.

    You might have better luck with auctioning items off or just posting a 'selling' list and list what you have. Depends on if you want to spend more time in game or in the forums.

    Good luck. And see ya around.
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  9. I agree with what everyone else has said so far. Me personally, I tried running a shop a few times but it never felt right for me but nowadays if I need to buy something I usually visit one of the shops of the people that have posted on this thread already :p, or I make a post on the forums saying I am buying this or that.

    However, if I sell items it is through auction or a sell thread- I feel like having a business via the forums rather than in game might be more profitable?
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  10. As others said, its hard to find shops, and the few good malls and shops there are, are already well known. Your best bet is probably selling through threads. Those are always quite successful.
    The other issue is even if your shop is good and active, it needs to look really nice as well. When searching for shops with +shop, I know many people including myself skip any shops that don't look like real proper shops/malls because more often than not the small, wood hut shops or even many of the medium sized ones are either out of stock or have very limited selections. Not all, there are exceptions, but its easiest to just keep searching til you see something bright and shiny :p
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