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  1. More shops:

    125 ttyler333 promos/rare shop
    1400 Envine
    2189 Rain90009

    4055 ImpulsiveEgg
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  2. Jump down the hole to the sign areas. Unless that was changed.... :p cause that never happens.

    I have been considering adding the names of the shop owners. At this point I would have to check the thread for who listed it, as sometimes an alt is used for the location. I will work on that. Since the list was made in Late May, the plan was to re-visit most of them by now - some of the new players needed visited sooner than that. And some of the players have changed their shops, so it makes sense to run through it and check.

    I did get a book from you. I don't think it had all of these in it, though. I admit to having some of the locations handwritten at one point and misplaced that :eek: so... sometimes we have to look again.
    I also visit all the locations at least before putting them onto the list and I need to revisit some of them.

    Again, seems to be that time of season to go check out the shops again for corrections and such.

    I wish there was a way that I could let a couple of people help edit the list - that would be a wonderful way to split up the work :cool:
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  3. Thanks for keeping this up, Katy! :)
    I hope people get good use out of it!
  4. Heard of a waste End on smp7 at desertoasis, follow the road. Need to check it out.

    yes, there is an End located at the end of the trail.
  5. Azoundria is not current or up-to-date, as many of the signs do not work. And stock levels are out since the update of several items. They will not be added to the list, until they are updated. They have their own website and advertise for themselves very often.
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  6. I have a shop that I've recently restarted.

    I sell/buy wood logs, planks, and seeds. I also sell/buy cobblestone and stone bricks.

    Cozy Cottage Woodshop
    Smp5, /v 11240
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  7. The Majestic Emporium
    shop is on SMP9 at /vIM4 OR /V 18614
    Owner: IM4
    Many of the game items as long as I can keep up the stock and I can get many of those items I do not have in the store.
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  8. found a typo when I added your name to the list. wonder why i added wool to your listing.... ooops :oops:
  9. Well, I do actually also sell wool, but it's on a different residence, and currently not properly stocked. :p
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  10. ah. maybe that is where the hiccup came from.
    when you have it stocked, lemme know and i will add THAT res.
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  11. /nether on smp5 go east and there is the following uttiltys, Gurdian farm, Slime farm, cow farm, ender portal, skeleton farm and many more
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  12. these wonderful suggestions to add to the list are pending. I am adding them directly to the document where I am editing things. It will be pasted into the forums here as soon as I get a little farther.
    I am splitting my Minecrafting time between a personal project, updating the list to include the owner's name, and having a little fun building.
    It's coming. Soon. Until then, keep the suggestions coming.
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    working diligently to complete the formatting and sectional changes to keep the list read-able. It is taking a little bit... already found a couple of typo's. Everyone should check their listing and make sure I got the name right - in most cases, i used the name from the owner of the res.

    Update: the sections are in place and color-coded. The updates with the owner's names on shops will take just a little bit longer.
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  14. I have my own shop, selling food, gems and stone and their variants and I really want to get into a list.
    Residence is at smp1 with number 2575.
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  15. happy to announce that you were added :)
  16. pls add my shop 1400 (buying and selling) basic stone & wood blocks, mob drops, rare mob heads, boss heads & drops, cheap vault vouchers
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  17. Your shop can be visited by /shop.
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  18. I'm happy to say that there's now a +anvil with free anvils on every SMP, if you want to add that :)
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  19. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The Majestic Emporium Store
    On SMP9 at 18614
    Selling Most Items and supplies
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  20. Katy, did you get a chance to check these out? Even if you can't get a way to have a team of people editing the list, maybe you could outsource some of the checking of locations?
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