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  1. Hi Everyone

    I have had a shop in one form or another on EMC since I started playing the game. In that time I have had a few players take advantage of shop errors where the sell price was higher then the buy price and the player thought they would take the shops rupees rather then report the Error.

    I am not the only one to have had this happen to them and the rules reflect this also, it is against the rules to take advantage of this.

    If you see a shop error in anyone's shop please report the error to the player, if they are not online send them a pm on the website.

    Myself and I know other players will pay a reward to players if they find an error, the amount paid would reflect the item that the error was on. This I feel is far better than having to report someone for taking advantage of an error.

    A recent example of this was the an item error, the item was iron set at 64 instead of 16, so the player was able to buy 64 iron for the price of 16. This cost the shop 2 - 3k, however I would have paid 10k to the player that reported it to me as long as they did not take advantage of it or tell anyone in game about it.

    Errors happen, we all make mistakes please report the error and don't take advantage.

    Thank you for reading

  2. I will remember this thread and look closer at prices when I go looking for shops/malls. Thank you! ;)
  3. I have a shop...but its different from sign shops.
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  4. First thoughts when I saw the title of this thread: Oh great, what did I mess up this time? =P

    Great post Silken. Let me remind the community that if we have proof you knew it was an error and you abuse it anyways, you can be banned. Don't risk it. If something seems off, have the respect to ask the shop owner.
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  5. I know that some malls owners will give a reward for this help, not sure if all will though. But please feel free to check mine :)

    That's good we always need more shops and suppliers. :)

    lol no it was me that messed up but it was only a small error this time :D
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  6. Context is everything as the difference between a sign mistake and a poor valuation is often subtle. Taking advantage of a good deal is not a bad thing. So don't hate your shoppers for taking advantage of what appears to be a good deal.

    (Before you think I'm evil, keep in mind that I do often warn shop keepers when their valuation seems far off. I've also reported cases where the buy price is less than the sell price on the same chest, which would allow someone to drain the shopkeepers rupees.)

    So basically for a wide ranging shopper like myself it's often not clear whether I've found a good deal or if the shop keeper has made a typo. I regularly find shops with prices purposefully intended at 1/10th or 10x the market value.

    So 64 iron B48 is totally within the ranges I regularly see. is 64 iron B480. is 64 iron S480.

    Keep that in mind when you discover you've set a bad price. The customer is probably just happy thinking you gave them a great deal. :)

    Anyhow, +1 for reporting shop mistakes, especially if the owner is a long time mall owner like silken_thread. ;)
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  7. There's a feature in place that prevents the sell price from being higher than the buy price. The shop won't be created.

    Also, great post. :)
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  8. Oh yeah, I think I remember hitting that myself. That's a great feature. Thinking back I guess the cases I've reported have always been two signs on the same chest. Something like 16@B10:S10, 64@B50:S50.
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  9. i paid someone the otherday cause i put up two buy signs and one was significantly lower then the other
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  10. Although the mistake pictured here seems obvious to me, a player initially took me for 696,960r selling to it. I was paid back 205,377r and received a few promos at a staff estimate of 205,000r. So, in the end I'm out 286,583r.

    While that sounds like some protection for shop owners, the staff response I received was:

    "You are lucky to get anything back. One could argue that your shop sign was valid and you should have accepted the losses due to your own error. We will only force a player to refund when they have bought cheaper than they sold to the same chest. Luckily for you [player name redacted] had already agreed to repay you." (provided in PM by senior staff)

    I get it, it's impossible for staff to prove the player knew they were taking advantage. Even if staff banned them, the shop owner loses. In this case the player continues to be on the Empire without further repercussion.

    So, shop owners beware - you're on your own. As a result of this incident, I changed all shop signs to an alt that holds a limited rupee balance of 250k so I can't be taken for too much if I make another error.

    I do recall a suggestion about letting players have a savings account of some sort that would protect a portion of a players/shop owners assets in cases like this which would be great for those with a single profile. Perhaps that suggestion should be revisited.
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  11. I had someone take advantage of my shop and gained 50k+
  12. There are lots of errors everyone seems to miss sometimes. A good thing to do is to review all of your prices before you open up your shop to the public. :)
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  13. Sorry to hear that, I do understand as this is similar to what happened to me about a month ago with an emerald price Error. Fortunately I did get my rupees back, the payer was making a bit of a song and dance around the server and the other players were wondering what they where up to. I guess the excitement of seeing such a great deal on offer.

    I see this as no different to finding an unlocked chest in the wild filled with diamonds and taking them because the chest was not locked. I am sure other people will see it differently but with placing so many signs you do get a little blinded by it all and so errors will occur occasionally.
  14. Sorry to hear that :(
    Always try approach the player and try resolve it with them first, then report and ask Sr Staff to look into it by sending them a pm not /report in this case. They may not always be able to help but they will do their best.
  15. Can you please privately message me the name of the staff member so that I can correct their policy views? Inviting me to the conversation where that happened would help too.
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  16. It's fine I just hope it's used for my promo shop `(*∩_∩*)′
  17. I distinctly remember back when Deathtomb was normal that he had set up a sell chest for diamonds where he had been buying them for 740r each. Mind you this was back when the Ore Busters were just released. I believe the players were banned for scamming? I'd just like to say if the "deal" is obvious, perhaps you should check with the shop owner first, or at the very least PM them on the site, for if not it could result in a lost for both parties.
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