Shop Contest - Vote 2nd round

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Vote for the best shop!

Dremytje & Belugh 120 vote(s) 30.6%
Nole972 13 vote(s) 3.3%
oleyy 110 vote(s) 28.1%
leowaste 32 vote(s) 8.2%
alexc__ 55 vote(s) 14.0%
ivonator123 11 vote(s) 2.8%
Lukas3226 12 vote(s) 3.1%
Krysyyjane9191 10 vote(s) 2.6%
erosego 29 vote(s) 7.4%
  1. Totally false.
    We have decided to stop voting while we were 100. If we were not to stop it would be still the same. Its just that probably one guy though the same way you did and wanted them to win. We hadn't publicly stated it that might be the case.
    No worries :)
    p.s: we are now partners us 3 so even if the store at smp7 won I am in the list anyways :p
  2. We have decided that good frieds are better than strong enemies. We became friends during the contest. Well typig from phone doesnt work that good. Im on vacation to oleyy his home country. Good day all
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  3. Yea Turkey is the best forget the rest :D
  4. congrats to the winners on their awesome shops and good job to all contestants! look forward to the next contest!;)

    btw, any chance the ppl like myself that made it to the first round.. (what was there like 19 of us?) can get a shnazzy signature image too to show we at least made it to the first round?
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  5. Great idea, i will make a signature for you guys ;)
  6. Yay. Is there any way for me to see how many votes I got in the first round? I want to see just where my shop is in the popularity category. :)
  7. I hope Leo didn't forget our little side bet :3
  8. Just a quick question, has the prize money been transferred to the winners? And the pickaxes?

    I can't be bothered check my rupees history, too long. :/
  9. Rupees where transfered, alex your pickaxe it's safe on a chest inside my residence, if you want it now, just /v copherfield and go trough the DT only portal, it will bring you to a room where are the chests.
  10. Thanks man :) And thanks Delta Team!
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  11. Congrats to all of the winners! And congrats to Copher for running such a great contest ; )
  12. my new shop pwnz all :p

    Like a boss..... ooooh yeah!!!
  13. With a total of 229 VOTES our joint MegaShop at smp9 19333 is open just 3 rooms left to finish. It is better than our shops on smp7 and smp5 we put so much effort in it so check it...
  14. Try not being a Diamond supporter and creating a shop on your own brah! :D - 12115 on SMP6 ----- Like a Boss!!!
  15. I never been a supporter and I have shop that does pretty good on smp5
  16. Being a Diamond supporter really has nothing to do with it. I know tons of great shops on smp2 owned by regular players. Plus, the majority of my shop was built as a regular.
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  17. the 1.3k doesnt make a difference much believe me :D
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  18. any update on the signature for round one contestants yet copher?:confused: