Shell's Silly Wrestling (forum) event :)

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  1. It's that time of the year again...

    When the WWF (now WWE) said "What the world is watching" they weren't kidding. Anyway, I know it has little to do with Minecraft but meh... So has picking a number I guess ;)

    At one time I had 2 stacks of diamond ore and one stack of emerald ore. Then a few player events happened, I donated and now I got half ;) Not much of a problem, but the rule of my bulk storage is: one stack only. I suppose I could mine hard to earn it back, but this is more fun :)

    For 16 diamond ores (half of half a stack :D):

    Which famous WWE wrestler was one of the first to have a female manager? I want his name like so: "Shell "The Wrestling fan" User", and her name as well. Miss or Ms. .... someting? ;)

    For 16 emerald ores (50% chance of winning without knowing wrestling!):

    Were they ever married?

    For 16 diamond ores PLUS 16 emerald ores:

    Which match featuring the wrestler above was more acclaimed than the main match in the same happening? I want the name of both wrestlers and the event when this happened. Hint: old school, this happened last century :)
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  2. Chuck Norris. Do I win?

    Just kidding, I dont watch WWE.
  3. lol, you won 1r for trying :p
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  4. Man... I never followed wrestling that much. I played the games, but it's been forever. If I were to guess: The Rock, Stone-Cold Steve Austin, or maybe even Rick Flair or Hulk Hogan. Idk XD

    Now, the marriage.... I say...... Yes. Married to the manager!
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  5. Blonde snatched the first prize. They were indeed married, both storyline'd and in real life. I'll send you your prize later today.

    And this is the bump :)

    For the record: this 'event' will run throughout this weekend (ending Sunday 23:59 EMC time). If no one got it right after that then the prizes will be added to my upcoming (building in progress!) anniversary event. One way or the other these prizes will be given away :)
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  6. Yay! Lol
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  7. First bump!

    Sorry, I totally forgot to mail :( But I will do so tomorrow! Ask LB, we got kind of busy & distracted.
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  8. No worries at all. :) I only got on today to check stuff lol
  9. Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. They were married.
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  10. And we have a second winner :)

    I was also looking for his nick name, the Macho man, but I'll let that slide ;)

    I'll mail prizes later today.
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  11. Diva
    money in the bank :)

    this is what google told me