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  1. Hi gang!

    Although this is an event of some sort it's a semi-private event; meant only for the 100 players who are currently following me. Therefore I don't think this is an appropriate post for the public member events forum.

    Originally I was planning to only use my profile page for the event updates, but then realized that not everyone is using their news feed and not everyone will check in on other peoples profile posts (I know I also check occasionally). And I would really like to make sure that all /most of my followers will notice all of this.

    SO... Originally I planned to start the whole thing this weekend, but we're still pretty busy building. I'm sure we'll get it ready by today, but alas...

    What I do have sorted out is the price pot. For starters:

    900 different items. So every one of my followers will win at least: one diamond, one emerald, one gold ingot, one lapis block, one redstone block, one prismarine block, one sea lantern, one block of obsidian and one blaze rod.

    Next I also decided to add a bit of extras which will get randomly spread out (see below). So:

    So, there is also a chance that you might win: a vault voucher, a stable voucher, a Meteor bow + Empire fireworks 2015, a Cupid's bow + 32 shiney arrows, an enchanted bow (Unbreaking 3 & Power 3) + 32 shiney arrows, some shiney arrows, some shiney flesh, some scary candy, a zombie head, a skeleton head, a creeper head and a chicken head.

    Next we also decided to dump the left overs of the price pool into the extra pool (I knew I should have paid more attention to my math teacher when I was young ;-)).

    How does this work?!

    There will be (approx.) 100 chests with 100 access signs which will contain at least the items I showed first. All which my followers will have to do is find the right chest ;)

    The extra price pot will be randomly divided across all these chests as well. So all my followers will also have a chance to win a little extra. I'm not fully sure how I'm going to work out the random part yet, I think I'll either use or get someone to help me or... We'll work it out.

    Senior staff

    I'm also being followed by some senior staff members, and quite frankly I doubt that you're interested in these prizes. However, I could imagine that some of you might have an alt. account somewhere who plays the game in a regular manner and who could use these items. And I can also well imagine that some of you might want to keep the identify of those alts a secret.

    Now, I don't know what Senior Staff is or isn't allowed to do, but I figured I'd try to include you guys in this event as well while also making sure to follow the rules:

    There will be a room specifically reserved for the Senior Staff members who follow me, accessible using a named location (no one but residence admins can use those). So basically; if you'd like you're welcome to pick up the items there and then optionally distribute them to your alts. Surely that should be allowed I think?

    Alas... Building of the structure (small maze) is still in full progress, I'll post further updates in this thread.
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  2. *watches thread* You didn't have to do anything for us though ;)
  3. I like doing things "different".

    For example; I honestly keep forgetting to keep track of the days I'm on EMC (I am planning a (public!) 1 year party, already have it written down in my Outlook agenda) but all the other things... I just forget or I'm simply too busy playing the game (or venting on the forums ;)).

    So yah, to my knowledge not many players do something for their followers, and so I'd like to be the first ;)

    Come to think of it: When this is over and I still got stuff left I think I'll use that for a public event to "clean up the mess" :)

    Alas; first to finish my maze ;)
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  4. I'm going to follow you now, simply because I think this is a really nice thing you're doing. I don't want in on the goodies ;D
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  5. This is really nice :) Thank you so much for doing this. I think it's amazing that you are hosting this event even though I am not currently following you :)
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  6. Thanks Shel, I might come not a 100% yes though. Might do the same once Im at 75.
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  7. Followes you know (I now I can't be in the event) Asks were is my price
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  8. D'awwww, Shel. :p You dont have to, but I guess its too late to say that.
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  9. A truly magnificent event. :)
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  10. Thanks for the comments guys!

    We're slowly getting there. In the mean time I'd like to show you a little spectacle which happened outside my res... As one can imagine I don't allow anyone on my residence to avoid risking to spoil the surprise. It seems that some of my old time friends were wondering if I could have build an invisible wall or something... I mean....

    And no, unfortunately you can't get in that way either ;) And apologies to the other Utopians for causing some confusion and awkwardness due to several wrong channel comments ;)

    Thank you, updated!


    Reports about some players trolling others on Utopia today have been greatly exaggerated ;)

  11. Ah, so that's what was going on :D I did see some of the wc's and thought they might have something to do with this thread!
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  12. IT IS ON!
    (this event ended last year or so!)

    All my (first) 100 followers will have one week (until Monday (3rd of August, 2015), approx. 3 - 4pm EMC time) to collect their previously mentioned price. If you don't pick up your price then it will be forfeited and used in my upcoming "event price cleanup" event (got an headache yet? :D).

    How does it work?

    Come to my Utopian residence using /v 5192 and you'll be dropped straight into the event build:

    As you can see there are 3 doors, and if you can open one of them then you can participate. Just step right in and enjoy your doomsdrop, err... I mean the accelerated elevator ;)

    Request: I placed the pressure plates for a reason: to make sure that the doors close. So please don't try to evade them or anything, because it'll only hinder your fellow players. If you can open a door then you can be assured that your chest is located in that maze area.

    Next stop, the maze entrance:

    Obviously there are 3 in total: one has sea lanterns, the 2nd has glowstone and the third has jack'o'lanterns. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to find your chest and empty it.

    Each maze has (approx.) 10 chests with access signs above 'm and as you can see there are 3 mazes per section in total. So where your chest is located? That is a good question. We threw the signs all over the place, so if you're hoping for some kind of (alphabetic?) order then you'll be disappointed :)

    But fear not!

    If you can't find your chest then you can always ask this guy:

    Each maze area has a tour guide, and who knows: he might even have a nice trade or two ;)


    This doesn't apply to all areas, some are easier than others, but please be warned that you are probably going to be trolled, confused, and disoriented. However, the maze is doable and all chests are accessible. We triple checked this. One small hint: things aren't always what they seem, and also: sometimes you need to go in the opposite direction to reach your goal :)

    If you really can't figure it out and keep getting stuck (I do hope / expect you to at least give it a good try) then I'll obviously won't be a spoilsport and make sure that you'll get your price eventually. Not just right away ;) So if this does apply to you then please send me a forum PM or tell me in-game and we'll work it out.


    Thanks to all my followers for following me and sometimes leaving cool stuff on my profile. I hope you guys are going to enjoy this and.. Don't worry. I had some great help and after seeing this I'm convinced that you'll all do just fine with getting your prizes:

    I wonder who made that.... ;)

    Mwua ha ha ha ha :p
  13. I've been framed! ^.^
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  14. Oh my goodness! this is so generous. I love this idea though, maybe I will do something similar when/if I hit 100 followers. ;)
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  15. Just found mine! ^_^ thanks again so very much. This was very sweet of you ^o^
    Got some extra goodies from the "tour guide" also. Very helpful chap.
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  16. Congratulations on 100 followers, and thanks for the idea! I think I'll do something similar when I hit 100 ;)
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  17. Thank you for these gifts! I found mine and it was really fun! So impressed!
    Congratulation on your 100+ followers!!
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  18. Congrats and thanks for the gifts! Found mine yesterday :)
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  19. Got mine, thanks :D
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  20. Thanks for the gifts :)
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