Shell goes Roblox (briefly)

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  1. Hi gang!

    As some of you know I often like to do 'write ups'. I've done the same on some gaming sites in the past where I posted my own game reviews. That resulted in people asking me a few times to write reviews for them. Which was kind of cool: you'd get the game (also got to keep it) and depending how good the review was (or was liked) you sometimes got a bit of a bonus.

    These days I'm not much interested in games anymore with a few specific exceptions. One of them being Minecraft and that's something I sometimes also vent a little about, not only on the Empire. And that resulted in a group asking me if I knew about Roblox and if I would be able to do a brief review on that, also somewhat in comparison to Minecraft.

    SO last week I dove into Roblox a little bit. Immediately started joking with my gf because one of the rules which they show you when you start out "No dating". So yeah, guess my gf and me are not allowed to play together :D

    Anyway, I wrote an article, sent it in and I also got some payment for it (nothing too exciting, but enough to pay for a weekend drink). Normally the story ends there, I keep quiet about it (because the other party owns the rights to the write-up from there on) and that's it.

    Today things went different: my story won't be used. And I had to grin about the reason, so I'm sharing it :)

    As it turns out they were hoping that my review would be more positive about Roblox and more negative towards Minecraft (in comparison). Unfortunately for them my opinion was the other way around a bit :p Nothing too negative, but in my opinion Minecraft provides you with a lot more freedom. For starters: you can still play it when your Internet is down :D

    Morale of the story? When you ask someone to do something for you and you're hoping for a specific outcome then it might help to let them know about it. But if you simply let them do what they do best then yeah... the end result might not fully be what you had expected of it ;)
  2. Oh oh oh oh brah, you starting on my fam Roblox?! Fam I'll fight ya if ya don't stop bullying ma fam Roblox. How could ye do something like this to such a little baby fam? I've been playing Roblox since like 2010 fam and I've got to tell ya, I've met some uh...interesting people.

    I kid of course (plz dun hurt meh Shel), your story made me chuckle a little and I don't know how that's possible when I am awake 5 hours before my body says I should be xD

    Just be careful man, Roblox has some pretty diehard fans and they might try to insult you by calling you a kid or saying "I'm going to (insert misspelled word here) you!" ;)
  3. Shell goes Roblox. Shell dies. Shell quickly hurries back to Minecraft.
  4. The industry these days only wants positive things to be said about their stuff, if you give it an insult or say you don't like it sometimes terrible things can happen to you. Or you know they just don't care and find somebody who will insult Minecraft and praise Roblox.
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  5. So much this... Won't go into details but your story is one of the reasons I stopped doing game reviews. Shortly after I severely criticized GTA V. And today nearly everyone says what I've been saying back then but now it's "different". There is a good reason why some (read: most) reviewers highly rate nearly every game out there and only start complaining when "others" do the same thing.

    Money talks.
  6. I do love the game Roblox its not as good as Minecraft in my opinion but still a good game full of games :p I love to play Avatar the Last Airbender, Born Wild, The Island of Mezaa, Warrior Cats Roleplay, Dawn of The Wolfs, and more XD I play a lot of animal roleplay games.
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  7. Aye, I play some Roblox.. I stopped when I got Minecraft, but I do still play a little bit :)
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  8. Ah, that's nice, thanks for sharing :p
    Roblox is cool, and in my opinion not very similar to Minecraft.
    I think they're both well-made, though, and I spent quite some time on both of them.
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