Share your posts a day count!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by fBuilderS, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Sean totally didn't fuel this idea
    To find it out do
    Overall post count
    --------------------- = posts a day
    Days spent on EMC

    Mines 6.65120968 a day
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  2. It was my idea :eek:

    Mine is 2,76781003 posts a day. Taking in account that the first year or whatever, if not more, was without many posts :p
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  3. Golly gosh it must be a spam bot
  4. Mine is 3.214484679665738 a day
  5. How is this possible even?! :eek:
  6. That's what you get when you copy it straight from a Dutch calculator, without swapping the . and , around, because for some weird reason they mean exactly the opposite in Dutch, as compared to English :p
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  7. Ahem... I think you're at 6 thousand posts, not 5 thousand :p Which would mean you'd have posted more, dividing 6873 by 1370 gets you 5.02, which is higher than the 4.83 from before :p
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  8. Okay, so many people claiming it was their idea :p
    Tom, from when was yours? I'm not sure when I got the idea, but the first time posting about it was May 29th, 2014. ;)
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  9. From today or whatever, a few hours ago I think I mentioned it in one of these other spammy threads, and then a few minutes later this appeared :p But it doesn't matter to me at all, I'm sure it's not an original idea anyways :p
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  10. You didnt get it....
  11. .62139918, if I did that correctly.

    Edit: Now that I posted this, it's .62345679
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  12. Haha, you're welcome :p

    Something really weird seems to be going on though, I got the notification for that post 1 hour and 12 minutes after it now seems to have been posted. Viewing the thread itself, that post also only just now appeared, when I watched the thread last time, 607's post was there, but yours wasn't, and now it appeared before his... (that probably was not clear lol). This also happened with an earlier post of you.
    Have any others seen the same thing happen, or is it just me?
  13. Thanks for coming up with this especially today, because today's ratio is EXACTLY 3 :D

    828 / 276 == 3

    EDIT: With this message, it's not anymore :p
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  14. I had it happen as well.
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  15. 2.67 per day as a rounded number :)
  16. 1,621 posts / 1540 days = 1.052 posts per day.
  17. It happened again, got an alert of "a moment ago", but here it says your post is 11 minutes old... That's really odd.
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  18. Might you be on staff watch? I'd think you'd be notified about that...
  19. Including this post, my posts per day is on average about 4.07359, and my likes per day is on average about 7.46753.
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  20. My posts per day is 2.52494062, and my likes per day is 1.56057007
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