Share ur fav Minecraft video!

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  1. hi!

    ive become 2 addicted to minecraft videos, i luv seeing some of them. whats ur fav?

    heres one of my favs:

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    Bonus: these were made on xbox 360 & all the views go to charities
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  3. this one is mine
  4. Here's mine

    EDIT: Can't seem to get it to work. Link
  5. It's not working because you are trying to input it as a picture not as a video.

    EDIT: Nevermind, now I understand why.
  6. I suppose any videos will do?

    Element Animation has some really good stuff, I loved their Eggs guide to Minecraft. Just too bad that it got stalled and all:

    When I first started with Minecraft I really enjoyed following some tutorials from paulsoresjr. Informative, relaxed and often still funny:

    And yah, redstone ftw ;) There are other, maybe easier, designs but I also like the music in this video:

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  7. time 4 bump :)

    and time 4 new video:

  8. I like this one.
    Because i made it.
  9. im not sure how to post the video rather than that, sry.
  10. Click to open instructions.
    V V V

    All you gotta do is click on that icon and insert the video link on the box that will pop up.

    I hope it helps!