{Service} Vot XII Farm Building Inc.

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  1. Luchygreenbird I'm sorry you have to order an item in the wild and the path so we cannot do this
  2. Oh I canceled the pathway order, I made that myself.
    So will the witch farm be finished still? It is already halfway done.
    And does this mean my goldfarm order was canceled too by you guys?
  3. I am really sorry but yes IronicSwordPlay is meant to do all that harder stuff but hes vanished we are truly sorry for the inconvenience
  4. So can I use the materials in the chests he left to finish the farm?
  5. Oh I didnt know that what did you order?
  6. A witch farm- currently half finished - and a gold farm 256x256
  7. Hi are the sugarcane farm and wheat farms auto?
  8. sorry we arent accepting any more orders
  9. May I ask how advanced, and how large these farms are?

    What do people get for the price?

    Do you supply everything, including resources, location, spawner, etc?

    The Slime farm said 60 x 60. This would cover 3.75 x 3.75 chunks. Is it built in slime chunks? or a swamp biome slime farm?
  10. To be honest I don't know if we'll ever take any more orders as 1 of our members has disappeared and he's the best builder and knows how to do hard things.
  11. OK. The reason I ask is, I am a good builder, always looking to develop better farms and systems. More inovative ideas.

    There are easy ways and hard ways to build things. And depending on the purpose of it, you can build it big, small, expensively of cheaply etc. :)

    The prices you listed seemed very cheap for what could be a very advanced farm. So I was wondering if maybe you build simple farms, or single layers of stackable farms (and charge per layer)

    I am based on SMP5, am fairly new to EMC, but will probably hire myself out to do these kinda things, because i enjoy building and helping. I wanted to get an idea if it was even worth my time being paid to build things for people. :) At your prices, it probably wouldn't be worth my time. lol I can earn more building for myself.
  12. trust me at most of the prices I build my stuff on I make a lot but some other stuff maybe not :p
  13. Any idea when I can expect my blaze grinder to be started?
  14. plz look throught the comments... we said we are closed and arent going to be doing any oreders
  15. Ok
  16. I think it would be a good idea to state that in the OP