{Service} Vot XII Farm Building Inc.

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  1. but is there a list I can see?
  2. um i think you would be like 13 atm
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  3. ...ok who ordered in ICC's name and ordered every product :p
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  4. Maybe it was ICC, but then again *cough cough Admin cough* :p
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  5. Is The Sugar Cane Farm Full Auto?
  6. How soon could my slime farm be done?
  7. I believe i sent a pm to you three with poor response, i havent heard back at all about my farms :/ i got no info on them just a response saying i need to add someone to the convo
  8. I'm so sorry we're having problems at the moment and might stop taking orders and close once we've built all this
  9. Ok :( but i really want my 2 farms
  10. no we will do the farms on the orders
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  11. Still waiting on mine. Been easily over a month so I just ended up building them myself. Canceling my order. This is just unacceptable.
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  12. I waited 9 weeks for mine.
    Also you'll have to wait because mine're being worked on. Though... is Ironic taking a break? He has been absent for longer periods of time as of late. The farm he is working on is sitting there... unfinished. :(
  13. it is understandable that it is taking this long(even though you said mine would be ready in a few weeks). I would just like to see a list and an estimated time for each build.
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  14. Something I failed to mention is that the person who does town farms said he would be there 3 weeks ago. Heard nothing from him since.
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  15. I am really really sorry about this and I have not heard from Ironic who manages the hole of the hardest farms e.g gold and slime farms and so on. I dont know whats happened to him and I cannot build slime and gold farms and Ice_Lightning99 can only build some things I know hes on though so we will get to work and try to finish this.
    We are no longer taking orders but will finish orders that have been made I am not so sure about slime and gold farms though. I am very sorry about this please understand we have somehow lost a member of the group.
    Thank You-XD
  16. Any update of my Dual Blae Grinder + Head Farm + Camo + Gold Farm + Ghast Farm + nether track?

    I'm working with ironic, but can't seem to contact him?

    Anyway just let me know how its going :)
  17. I'm sorry but Ironic handles all those farms and we cant find him :(
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  18. Awwh :( Yeah he hasn't been activate on really anything on the net. Ah well, if you see him just let him know I was just asking :)
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  19. wildman sorry your order cannot be done our service is closed