{Service} Vot XII Farm Building Inc.

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  1. Ok so you not selling the thing I need.
    No rupees for you ^-^
  2. What could you possibly need that isn't on here? An auto-chicken farm? :p If I had more rupees, I would buy. I think I will, but I have to save up first. :D
  3. To clarify, if we buy a spawner farm, and pay full price, it includes you finding the spawner for us?
  4. we do have an auto chicken farm
  5. i believe so... pm xothis_dwarf... he is on top of all that
  6. For slime farms, do you guys find the slime chunks?....
  7. I think I answered your question....
  8. If you want to tell me what you want i'm sure ice_lightning99 can add the option for a "custom order"
  9. Basically the answer is yes and if you find it yourself before ordering we give u a 50% discount.
  10. Ordered a iron golem farm.
  11. an auto chicken farm is there just called a 'Chicken Farm'
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  12. Auto wool farm.
    They sold it in their last business, but not anymore.
    And now they don't build them, hence my post.
  13. I may add them very soon
  14. he wanted the sheep farm just so you know
  15. Ready for more orders say if you want anything adding to the catalogue!
  16. just added a wool farm :p
  17. I ordered a slime farm... How long shall that take?
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