{Service} Vot XII Farm Building Inc.

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  1. it depends on where you are on the list... we have to do a first come first server...w e will message you when your order is started
  2. Because I ordered mine on the other thread where am I on the list?...
  3. I have ordered 1 Double Cobble Gen, 1 Stone Gen, and 1 Obsidian Gen and I have filled out an order form. Note that I have updated to 1.7.2, and cannot play until EMC is updated. PM me if you need anymore details.

    EDIT: Disregard everything I said about the updating to 1.7.2 thing. I figured out how to downgrade to 1.6.4 and use EMC. So whenever you can, read my form and come to SMP9 :)
  4. We shall get to it asap u should be able to use them when emc updates.
  5. Btw you can just hang chickens with leads and then just put hoppers underneath of them lol
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  6. mine makes that into cooked chicken and feathers :p
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  7. Bump also visit Volt XII Mega Mall 9500 smp4!
  8. bump, put your orders in, if u dont see what u want pm one of us
  9. Is there somewhere we can preview your work on the generators and farms?
  10. soem of the generators can be found at my second res on smp4- i dont know the # atm so just do /v ice_lightning99 2
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  11. Sweet. thanks :)
  12. there may be rules against selling mobs spawner locations just saying
  13. Selling the locations is fine. Auctioning them is against the rules though.
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  14. There will be videos uploaded to my SlowKinggamer YouTube channel soon and there will be a farm with small scale version of the farms once i get diamond supporter.
  15. is there a way we can see the list and aprox how long each one will take?
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  16. Sorry not really but I'm sorry to say yours is near the bottom but we are getting to it fast not too long now
  17. Yes it basically does depend on what size the farm is and when you placed your order (if its last you we be last to get served), however unless Aikar blows up the server when updating to 1.7, each farm should be finished WITHIN 1 or 2 weeks of starting.
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