[Service] Rainbow Swirl

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  1. Rainbow Swirl
    is now open!

    Enjoy 8 colors of the rainbow while staying at this luxurious hotel for a one-time payment of 10k!
    There are 3 floors in each color, making for a total of 24 floors.
    Colors include red, orange, yellow, lime, light blue, blue, purple, and magenta.
    smp4 /v +rainbow, /v +swirl, /v +rs

    The hotel includes a public honey farm, an ice cream shop, and a pet spa! There are also teleports to other smp4 reses for amenities and shops such as enchanting tables, utilities, villager trading, wool shearing, fishing, anvils, and jaqque's hamburgers! If you want to add your own res to these teleports, contact SteamingFire!

    If you want to rent a room at Rainbow Swirl, contact SteamingFire or comment below!


    Red 3: Open
    Red 2: Open
    Red 1: Fiery_Shirt_Fury
    - yes to contest
    Orange 3: FloshPlosh
    - Paid
    Orange 2: Open
    Orange 1: Open
    Yellow 3: Open
    Yellow 2: Open
    Yellow 1: CrackpotCreator
    - maybe to contest
    Lime 3: YellowWasTaken and fighter_Ethan
    - ask later for contest
    Lime 2: Open
    Lime 1: Ultipig
    - maybe to contest
    Light Blue 3: LeGravity38
    - yes to contest
    Light Blue 2: DrasLeona247
    - yes to contest
    Light Blue 1: RGBisPower
    Blue 3: DiamondGamerGurl
    - pet: bee "blaze"; yes to contest
    Blue 2: TECtock
    - maybe to contest
    Blue 1: GingarPup
    - no to contest
    Purple 3: jaqque
    - Paid
    Purple 2: Xisk
    - Paid
    Purple 1: Azor_Axestrike
    - yes to contest
    Magenta 3: KAROLkarol12
    - yes to contest
    Magenta 2: Open
    Magenta 1: Football_44
    - yes to contest


    1. You cannot break the floor, walls, or ceiling. However, I provide free window installations and up to 9 stacks of matching colored glass. If you want to install more than 9 stacks, you must provide the appropriate colored glass. Please contact me if you want to install windows. Do NOT install them yourself please! For each wall block that is missing, misplaced, not in the original pattern, or placed outside of the original walls, you will be charged 100r.
    2. No refunds after you move into your room.
    3. No griefing, no stealing, no harassing other residents, and no inappropriate builds. Any of these will result in a warning or a ban from the hotel res and you will not get any of your items in your room back.
    4. You may have floormates and split the payment, but as you will share admin perms within the same subzone, it is your responsibility to pick floormates that you trust.
    5. If you are banned from EMC, you will be kicked out of your hotel room without getting your items back.
    6. If you want to place water or lava, there must be at least one block below it so that it does not drip into the resident's room below you. Exception includes those who have a double-layered floor, i.e. the bottom/first room of every color.
    7. Only one room per person.
    8. You are allowed to move rooms, but each move costs 100r that will double with each additional move. This is not refundable. You are also responsible for moving your items.
    9. Rooms are first-come, first-served.
    10. I will reserve your room without payment for one month. If you do not update me after one month, your reservation will be nullified.
    11. Do not add, change, or delete tags or locs in your subzone. You may change the subzone tpset, but it cannot be inside a trap. Keep in mind that the teleport pad and entrance from the elevator use the loc.
    12. One pet allowed per resident. For some reason, even with +admin, you are unable to spawn pets yourself, so you'll have to ask me to do it.
    13. You may only build within your walls, not outside of them. You may not expand your walls, despite how your cube subzone does give you perms to do so.
    14. You may not break or modify the water elevator or the glass bridges leading to it. You must keep the elevator tp signs in place, or, if you move them, keep at least one usable one inside your room.
    15. If you are an alt, you must tell me the name of your main account. I will not share this information with others; it is for my own safety and peace of mind.
    16. If you decide to have floormates, you must move in at the same time. You must agree on which room you want beforehand. If you want to install windows, you must agree on where the windows will go. If you move in first and decide to have floormates later, you will not get a refund. If you want your floormate to pay some of that 10k, you must discuss it with them. I will not charge for post-move-in floormates and I will not refund you.

    Note: SteamingFire may come into your room unannounced. Also, since there are public teleport pads to every room, others may also enter unannounced.
    Note: This hotel took me 11 days to build :D 4 days of preparation and planning, 7 days of placing blocks :D
  2. A pet spa has been added :D
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  3. Are cows considered pets? Even if they are really well behaved?
  4. Any friendly/neutral animal that you can contain and control is considered a pet >_>
  5. Amazing hotel! I rate it 120 out of 10.
  6. Looks pretty sweet. I got a floor. :)
  7. The rooms are filling up! More than half of the rooms are full or reserved! Come join us as a resident in Rainbow Swirl :D
  8. I've added a new rule, rule #20.
    Edit: It's now rule #15.
  9. Rainbow Swirl is now a one-time payment, permanent stay hotel like my other hotels. If you paid more than 10k, you will receive a refund. Stay is permanent. If you move out, you will not be refunded.