[Service] Infinite Villager Service... Resurrected

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  1. Hey guys!
    Recently, several people have asked me if I still make infinite villagers. Since there seems to be a rather large demand for them, I've decided to bring the service I used to provide along with samsimx back. This version is slightly different, however.

    Due to me not having abundant amounts of free time, and so I can absolutely guarantee timely completion of orders, I will be filling at most 5 orders per week. This may change in time, but that's how I'm going to start it.

    The ordering process is also going to be different. In the interest of transparency, and so everyone waiting for a villager can be updated constantly, orders will be posted in this thread instead of as PMs. Each person can order up to 3 villagers at a time. No alts please. If I receive more than 5 orders in a week, priority will be deferred to a player who has not ordered villagers in the past.

    Pricing has been updated as well, due to diamond prices, inflation, 1.8, blah blah blah.

    Main Service - Infinite Villager Ordering

    You give me a res number and flags, and I make you an infinite villager. Simple as that.

    Infinite Paper Villager (24-32 paper for 1 emerald): 39,999r.
    Infinite Exp Bottle Villager (1 emerald for 2-4 Exp Bottles): 49,999r.
    Infinite Glowstone Villager (1 emerald for 2-3 Glowstone): 49,999r.

    To order: Reply to this thread stating the number of villagers and res number you want them at. To start working, I will need build, use, villager, and eggify flags.

    Note: Infinite villagers provided by this service have an extremely small chance of developing a gold for emeralds trade and breaking. In the event that this happens (and it really is like a 0.001% chance), I will replace it for only 10,000r.

    I am currently only taking ONE order of anything besides paper at a time because they simply take forever. Paper, I'll pretty much do as many as I get.

    Remember, infinite villagers will NOT be obtainable in 1.8. Get them now while you can. Existing villagers from before 1.8 WORK WHEN TRANSFERRED FROM 1.7 TO 1.8 IN VANILLA. While that doesn't guarantee they will work for EMC, it certainly makes a case for them.

    Disclaimer: If you teleport away from your villager immediately after trading with it, it will break and become permanently unusable. As this is entirely and easily preventable, I do not offer discounted prices if it breaks in this way or you kill it.

    Announcing Villager Rental.
    For those who are undecided about ordering a villager, want to try it out, or simply don't have the funds to order one outright, I now offer the option to rent a villager from me. Each villager is rented to only 1 person, so no need to worry about sharing. Rentals do not count as an order for the week.

    If you break it, you buy it. You will owe me whatever portion of the normal price of 39,999 rupees remains after the renting payment. Until you reimburse me, you will be blacklisted from ordering anything from this service. The villager getting the gold trade does not count as breaking it and will not result in any cost to you.


    Standard - Infinite villager in a room accessible only by you. That's it, pretty simple. 10,000r a week.

    Deluxe - Infinite villager in a room accessible only by you. 32 Double Chests of paper (more than enough for a DC of emeralds) provided on-site for you, as well as optional storage for emeralds while you trade. 17,000r a week.

  2. I'll take 1 villager, res 8712 on SMP4.

    Thanks :)
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  3. I would get one, but I can't afford it. :confused:
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  4. I'll take one paper villager payments and flags when you are ready to start
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  5. Done. Currently on 26 paper, I can get it down further if you like, or it will go down automatically as you trade.
  6. Thanks, just sent payment now :)
  7. I might be interested in doing this if I know the risks. Do you know what breaks an infinite villager? I've heard that leaving the chunk before it's completed its particle 'change' breaks the trade. Just any information on what would break one of them would be fantastic :)
  8. Forgot to include that in the OP. Yes, they can be broken by leaving the chunks around them immediately after trading, killing the villager, and, in very rare cases, developing a 9th trade. The 9th trade is the only way of breaking them beyond player control, and that is why I offer a hugely discounted replacement villager, because it is so rare and not preventible.
  9. I'll take one, start a convo with me when you can start
  10. I could probs help out with this if you need any help, I'm big into getting some good infinite villager trades right now and I have a healthy amount of Paper I could feed through my paper villager if it helps out at all. I've done a couple of XP Priests in the past as well.
  11. I will let you know if I consider expanding, but for now, I have limited the number of orders I handle specifically so I don't need help :p Also, I remember that last time I tried hiring people, it got really confusing, I got disorganized, and some orders ended up not getting done. I'll have to think about it.
  12. Bump. Got some pretty cool stuff planned for this service... More details soon :)
  13. Bump. Got two orders left this week :)
  14. Bump. New service/feature/whatever announced tomorrow :D
  15. I'll take one please ;)
    EDIT: not enough rupees
  16. Bump. Announcing Villager Rental! OP has details.
  17. I wish to use your service
    Res 603 SMP1
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  18. What flags do you need? Build,villager,eggify and anything else?
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