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  1. Hey Everyone!

    Closed for now. No accepting orders until the others have been completed.
    Have you ever just wanted to dig out your residence but never had the time to spend hours just digging out the dirt? Or just wanted to replace a layer of dirt with a different block without spending hours doing the same thing?

    Ultimamaxx and I (cutejuliew) are here to help you with the time consuming job that you can't bare to dig out or replace!


    If you want us to dig out layers...
    1 Layer: 500r
    2 Layers: 1,000r
    3 Layers: 1,500r
    4 Layers: 2,000r
    And so on...
    63 Layers: 31,000r
    (The price remains the same if you are ordering a full 64 layers and would like to use TNT. However, the TNT needs to be provided by you to do the job!

    (Each layer will add on another 500r) Total Layers: 63
    (This is cheaper than the Senior Staff service..44.8k) Senior Staff price: 60k

    Calculate the prices for Utopian residences by multiplying the original price by two.
    (Example: 1 Layer: 1,000r)

    If you'd like us to replace layers...
    (Item(s) that you want to use to replace has to be provided by you!)
    1 Layer: 700r
    2 Layers: 1,400r
    3 Layers: 2,100r
    4 Layers: 2,800r
    And so on...
    63 Layers: 44,100r

    (Price will increase due to being more time consuming)
    (Each layer will add another 700r) Total Layers: 64

    If you want a double (dig out layers and replace them),
    you must have the item(s) you want to replace layers with provided.
    The prices for a double are...
    1 Layer: 1,500r
    2 Layers: 3,000r
    3 Layers: 4,500r
    4 Layers: 6,000r
    And so on...
    63 Layers: 94,500r

    How to place an order:

    Layers needed to be dug out:
    Normal or double (name item for double):
    Total Price:
    Residence #:

    Example orders:

    1. Hey, I would like to have...
    Layers needed to be dug out: 4
    Total price: 3,200r
    Residence #: 16097

    2. Hey, I would like to have...
    Layers needed to be replaced with Iron blocks: 2
    Total price: 1,600r
    Residence #: 14858

    Extra Information

    If you have any questions about the service or anything that should/needs to be corrected, please PM cutejuliew.

    -Cutejuliew will send a PM or message the player that has placed the order as soon as she is able to do so.
    -Don't be discouraged if there are no answers right away.
    -If you wish to cancel your order after it has been placed, PM cutejuliew and let her know. The price for any work that has been done will be calculated and you will still be charged.
    -Cutejuliew will keep the orders organized so there are no mixups
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  2. 8/16/14: Changed the prices for residences on Utopia from 4x to 2x the original price
    8/16/14: Changed "However, the TNT needs to be provided to do the job!" to "However, the TNT needs to be provided by you to do the job!" to avoid confusion
    8/17/14: Drastically decreased the price
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  3. Reserved for updates.

    Update: August 16, 2014
    Lowered Utopian prices due to being too high.
    (Calculate the prices for Utopian residences by multiplying the original price by two.)
    Instead of being by 4.
    Thanks emtec121 for making the price a bit better :)
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  4. staff service for utopia res is only 120k can you do better?
  5. hmmm we'll have it changed in a bit

  6. Providing I'm reading this right, that doesn't seem to add up? So what you're saying is that you will remove the 64 layers with TNT for 44,800r, but you yourself have to provide the TNT? So you're paying that money for you to basically detonate the TNT? :confused:
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  7. No. Basically explaining that if you want to remove 64 layers faster. You can provide tnt to us and it would remain the same price. Only you have to provide the tnt. I may decrease the price to 30k if that sounds a bit better for you?
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  8. I'm not interested in the service, was just pointing out what could have been an error :p Your prices are good, but I just don't need anything doing. Good luck with the service nonetheless. :)
  9. does block replacement inclued water i would like my top layer would replaced with water
  10. If you would like to do a replacement please do with the correct way to place an order.

    (so there is no confusion and order's can be placed correctly)
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  11. Nobody was ordering, so we lowered the prices. Hopefully, we can get some orders now :D
  12. Now fixed on my side. Decreasing each slot by 200r will make it more affordable for other. The price won't stay the same. We are basically just looking for the fun of digging.
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  13. Might want to change the combo (dig/replace) prices, as they still reflect the prices before the drop
  14. what does that mean
  15. 1 layer digging = 500r
    1 layer replacing = 700r
    Total should be 1200r for dig and replace, not 1500r.
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  16. It means that^

    Your prices to dig and replace are more expensive than doing them separately
  17. oh julie is confusing

    EDIT: fixed, wait for julie to edit the post
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  18. "If you have any questions about the service or anything that should/needs to be corrected, please PM cutejuliew."

    Sorry not following your rules :p , BUT I think this question may be benefical to everyone: can ask certain layers to be removed, like layers 10 thru 17? Do I add a ladder with signs showing the layers of dirt to be removed? Can I pay for this service for my son's new res?
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