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  1. Hello Emc! Im Featherwing and I own a building and custom trees service on smp3 /v Featherwing_

    Here is some of my work.
    My own res:

    Ryko369's Garden at Smp7 /v +RRR:

    Sefl's Auction house:

    Drasleona247's Dungeon (still a work in progress):

    (I'm sorry for the links, but the insert image wasent working for me)

    If you have hired me in the past feel free to leave a review in the thread.

  2. Thanks for the tree!
  3. No problem!
  4. Featherwing_ did an amazing job at the RRR, I'm blown away and 10/10 would hire again (and likely will for detailing for the shrines!)
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  5. It was amazing to work at the RRR, Thanks for hiring me

  6. Feather was an amazing builder to work with! She spent a lot of time making sure that I was happy with each stage, and made helpful suggestions for color/block variation. The DrasCorp Federal Fox Penitentiary for the Rehabilitation of Naughty Foxes (DCFFPRNF, easy acronym) has never looked finer.

    14/10, I rate higher than Ryko.
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  7. Working with you was amazing. Thank you for hiring me :)
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  8. very nice service! anyways, here's my offical thread about market partner and i listed you in it (click me)
  9. I am extraordinarily pleased at the outstanding tree that was built for me by Featherwing.

    I had a tree-shop that I was annoyed with building and although I started it okay, I kept putting off finishing it after spending just a tiny bit of time on it. But I now needed it done and could not get myself to finish it and needed help, because I was at an impasse, both for time and ideas.

    My project was completed faster than I expected and I am delighted at the extra touches that were added. Got another thing off my checklist and was provided an outstanding design to boot!

    Thank you!! :+1:
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  10. It was great to work on the tree! Thanks for hiring me!
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