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    What do you want? (Signature, Logo, etc.)

    What do you want it to look like? (AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE)

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    This service is currently free for the next month, but if you want to support the Empire Brothers please consider subscribing to the YouTube channel or following us on Beam.
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    My signatures can still be seen all over the EMC forums, here are a few examples of other recent work I've done, my old customers may notice I have improved my craft A LOT.

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  2. May i have a signature
    Background: Lightning
    Words in the middle OriginalScuf
    Words in corner Empire Minecraft
    Black background with the lightning
    that's all ;p
  3. :O that looks awesome :) thank you!
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  4. You're welcome :)
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  5. What do you want? (Signature, Logo, etc.): Youtube Banner

    What do you want it to look like? (AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE)

    Kinda like my old banner but updated:
    add some sort of minecraft background off of like a random map (kinda edited pic)

    What do you want? (Signature, Logo, etc.): Logo

    What do you want it to look like? (AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE)
    My head with a green circle around it (with PS effects) with a cyan background

    Thank you :D
  6. Added to que.
  7. Hello, I would like to order a signature of my own.

    Here are the details:

    1. Dark/red background, showing dead trees and stuff. Make the trees silhouettes as barely visible as possible, but they should stand out from the red background/sky.
    2. A candle, lit, on the left side of the signature, in front of the dark lower background.
    3. My username: KindlingFire. Use some fonts that has that kind of "charred" font.
    5. EMC logo on the right side
    6. A simple quote beneath my username, barely visible, saying this: "The most disastrous forest fire starts with a small, kindling fire..."

    Thank you. :)
  8. Added to que.

  9. What do you want? (Signature, Logo, etc.) I am going to need a youtube banner, if you can do that...

    What do you want it to look like? (AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE): I need the pixel dimensions to be 2560x1440 and 4 MB size. Now that is out of the way, I want the banner to have my name, ShyguytheGamer1, in the Undertale Font, which can be gotten right here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/31378523/Monster-Friend-Undertale-Logo-Font

    Then have a green background with bubbles. http://www.wallhd4.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/green-bubbles-hd-14.jpeg And that should be it. If you can put in twitter and facebook buttons with the following links:
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/ShyguytheGamer1
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShyguytheGamer1

    Then you can do that as well. Thanks :)
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  10. Awesome.. Thank you so much.
  11. You're welcome.
  12. You'll have to add the links yourself. Order added to que.
  13. This is a little bit different, but I'm sure you're able to do this too :p

    The two thingys in my signature, can you make them 60% size, but with the background still being seethrough {EDIT: that's what you call transparent...} (or at least so it looks like it looks right now)? So exactly the same as they are now, only thing being changed is the size, to 60%.


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  14. Added to the que.
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  15. Very nice, so beautiful, much thanks. XD
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  16. Can I have a YouTube picture, that is my skin's head in a blue square, that has the text Sansville YT under it IN COMIC SANS IT NEEDS TO BE IN COMIC SANS
  17. Sorta like POTATOES and the background a grey