[SERVICE] Eclipsys' Master Building Services 2.0

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    Greetings Empire-Minecrafters!



    This is the OFFICIAL Relaunch of my Eclipsys' Master Building Services, and therefore I've renamed it ''Eclipsys' Master Building Services 2.0'' (how original!).

    Main Idea:
    You (the customer) have a big 60x60 residence, but you have no idea what to build on it.
    Thats where I come into the picture! You can hire me (Eclipsys) to build For you!
    Me and my employee jacob5089 will come to your residence, build on it and make
    you the happy owner of a Eclipsys Grade Superbuilding!

    How it works:
    If you wish to hire me, please start a conversation with me on the EMC forums.
    (you can do so, HERE)
    In the conversation, follow this lay-out:
    - SMP/Res number
    - What you want built
    - Which materials you like
    - Size (res filling or half res filling)
    - Add any photos or explanation of what you're looking for.

    Payment must be made to Me, BEFORE I start the build. This can be done either when we're both online or when you're online and I'm not. I'll check my rupees history Before I start building

    If I'm hired to build a mall, the service does NOT build the interior/chests/shop layout!!!
    This also applies for Interiors of any houses/other projects!

    If you are BANNED, Temp or Perm, I will cancel the build and keep the rupees/materials.
    A partial refund can be negotiated!

    Here are some of my previous creations:

    - SMP pack A:
    Cost: 225,000 rupees
    Specifics: I'll build ANYTHING you want
    YOU supply the materials

    - SMP pack B:
    Cost: 350,000 rupees
    Specifics: I'll build ANYTHING you want
    I buy the materials myself

    - Statue pack'':
    Cost: 50,000 rupees
    Specifics: I'll build you one of 9 statues!
    YOU supply the materials

    To be filled later

    - SMP Tower pack*:
    Cost: 500,000 rupees
    Specifics: If you wish to have a tower/high structure built, I need more materials to build. Thus the price is higher. I buy all materials myself.

    - SMP Garden pack:
    Cost: 100,000 rupees
    Specifics: I'll build any type of garden you want
    I supply materials

    - Utopia pack*:
    Utopia plots are quite big, therefore I charge higher prices for these projects. If you wish to buy a Utopia pack, please start a conversation with me (again, HERE) and give me an idea of what you want me to build for you, then I can give an price estimate! (please also follow the lay-out mentioned above!)

    (*: Prices are negotiable, please do so via private Conversation!)
    ('': If you want these at your outpost/wild house the price will increase with travel money

    ~Eclipse signing off :D!

  2. Awesome, Eclipsys! Maybe the '2.0' means 2x as good. ;)
  3. Cool he's back :D I'll be expecting many great things popping up all over the place! :p
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  4. and, Hey! looks like im his first customer!!!
  5. Congrats Dude :D
  6. Lol! Go Stads! this is getting me the likes!!!
  7. lol, Yeah I am one too like many things :p
  8. Shadow is my ''official after-opening first customer'' but not the first customer :D I got some pre-launch customers as well:D
  9. Eclipsys can u post a list of customers you currently have and estimate the time between each one :p. Just want to know because its better if I just go on with my (ok) build rather then hire you if its going to take months to have the service taken care of :). Thanks ahead of time if you do post a list :)
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  10. But just like eclipses, Eclipsys is very quick! :D
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  11. I'm just making sure man :). I like his builds so I know it would look better if I have him build my project but time is more important unfortunately.
  12. Yeah I get that, I was just making one of those you know phrases referred to by the commons as a joke :p Well you know still keeping facts in it ;)
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  13. Updated main post
  14. I dont see the point in pack A (costs way more than just building myself) but the other all inclusive packs are a great idea! =D good job!
  15. It saves you money if you decide to supply your own materials. The other prices may seem high and unaffordable but you gotta remember you pay for a high quality epic build :)
  16. ya suppose so
  17. 4 builds in 1.5 weeks :O boss
  18. ''That's where I come in to the picture!'' Lol I like your English *reference to the dutchies*
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  19. I'm fast
  20. now that I think about isnt it because you have summer vacation thats why u got plenty of time to do this stuff xD?

    edit: Also I pmed you for the build ;o make sure to respond asap so I can start demolishing the current build iam working with :p