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  1. Hello all! As many of you know, as of the 1.8 snapshot, Mojang has changed the skin system to allow 2 layer skins. I know how to update skins to 1.8. If you would like to have me update your skin, please fill out the form bellow. The cost is at most 1k depending on the complexity.

    Skins wanted to be merged (files needed and description of what the layers wanted):
    Suggested price (at least 250r)):
    Questions and notes:

    For a new skin try: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/skins-delivered-2-you.35078/
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  2. Perhaps timing would be more appropriate when 1.8 comes to EMC...
  3. These aren't that hard to make...
    All you really need is a program that can copy paste...
  4. It is a frustrating process though
    Its always good to be prepared.
  5. Not really, made mine in roughly 5-10 minutes...
  6. It depends on the skin. That's why my minimum price is low