Servers rebooting every hour.... ? 10/17/12

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by iamfuturetrunks, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Okay so whats up with that? I haven't seen any topics on the forums about this yet but the past day or two the servers have been rebooting every hour it seems like. Saying "Nightly Restart" ( guess since I am on really early in the morning that's an understandable message) is there some new problem we weren't told about where they need to be restarted every hour?
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  2. I was wandering the same thing. it's really weird and is really throwing me of my rythem when building stuff. any Moderators want to tell us whats happening?
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  3. We've been experiencing some bugs where things get a little hairy. I believe they're supposed to restart every night, or with a few hour intervals (possibly 4-8). Honestly, I am not too sure, but I'll let Aikar know once I can get a hold of him. :)
  4. Sorry about that... when at the airport I turned back on the restarts but reused old commands but forgot to erase some important parts that ended up making it every 1 hr instead of 24 hr lol.

    It's now fixed and will reboot around 2-3am EST
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  5. I kinda figured a restart almost every hour seemed a bit much unless there was something very troubling happening and yet no info on it. It was also strange no one else brought this up. :p
  6. There was this last night. I didn't think it got noticed, but now we're doing reboots again and the thread's closed so someone important must have seen it: