Server Seed??

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  1. anyone know the world seed?
  2. Fourteen.
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  3. Seventy-two?
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  4. It depends a bit which world you're referring to, but in general this information is kept secret. Think about it: if you knew the seed for the wastelands you could simply access it in single player, try to locate all the valuable ores and then use those locations on the server. You'd be cheating without actually cheating.

    However, if you're referring to the town world then there isn't really a seed. It's a superflat world which has a customized height. Here is a guide I wrote some time ago which explains how you can recreate the town world in singleplay.

    Hope this helps!
  5. There's a trick to get the world seed if you know how to do it...

    Seed: 189044525510247251
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  6. i don't want to use it for that purpose, i want to find out where the spawn chunks are...
  7. What all these sarcastic responses aren't telling you is that we do not share the active seed because that would allow players to find the locations of ores, dungeons, temples, etc in a creative environment and thus be cheating.
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  8. Not that you couldn't just world download if you wanted to.
  9. World download the entire server?

    Still not allowed.
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  10. Thanks Krysyy for clarifying this, I thought that you weren't allowed to know the seed but this thread made me wonder if I was wrong, but thanks again.
  11. No.. Let's say you world download a chunk or two to get a wild build of ours and.. Oh look.. Diamonds down there..
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  12. ANY exploit is bannable
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  13. okay, so the server seed is private, but what about the spawn chunks? i wish to create an iron farm to end all iron farms but it needs to be constantly loaded
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  14. No chunks stay loaded if no player is within range.
  15. but the spawn chunks are always loaded? unless this server doesnt have any
  16. There aren't any. All chunks unload if a player isn't there.
    What if you see it on accident? Are you banned from then mining it? Surely you can't unsee it.
  17. Except, mining said ores after seeing them, would be intentional. It's not like you'd see the diamonds in single player and go "Well, great... now I HAVE to mine them." Acting on that would be considered exploiting the knowledge you have been granted for personal gain
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