Server Problems, Post Here!

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  1. Hey all, Aikar and myself are investigating.
  2. :D
  3. Aw, looks like votes aren't coming through either, right when I'd voted a few days in a row again for once... :p
  4. * BETTER if the New Comment box was at the top of the comments

    * 3/25/2024 at about 10:10 AM EST.
    Tried to logon but all I got was the word "Encrypting", what is that all about?
  5. Smp 4 and 5 kicked players off earlier in the evening on Thursday. Seemed to be back in order, but as of just now, I can't switch to smp5.
    Seems to be the same issue. Waited for restart to see if it got fixed then, but no dice.

    Cannot Smp5
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  6. Smp5 went down around midnight and is still down this morning, fyi
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  7. Thank you. My Emc times are a little fluid sometimes.
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  8. This is the second time this has happened to me, I used my Lucky Clovers (2 of them). I harvested them with my voter shears and they disappeared. Poof...Into the abyss. I thought maybe I was losing my mind, so I tried to plant them again and got the notice that I already used them and the cool-down period shown on my screen. I re-logged, still gone. Not sure why I've upset the Lucky Clover gods, but please tell them I'm sorry.
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  9. did you spawn the drip leafs on moss? they require moss or they *poof* and you get nothing
  10. I am falling through the world to y= -1510 or so and then landing at the proper place (spawn, res, whatever) and then 45 seconds later and being disconnected.
    I have tried 4 smps and 3 worlds and cannot get a stable place to stand without dc'ing.
    smp2 smp9 smpu and smp8 (started ok once I got to my res on 8 and afk'd, weirdly)
  11. switched accounts and is still unplayable. no clue how to ask others in chat, as chat messages seem to time out without sending and can't stay online long enough to receive an answer
  12. I would imagine internet issues, happens to me sometimes if my internet goes super slow, you just float in a black void and time out, I would be suprised if its anything other then this, ive been fine and everyone im playing with can trasnfer fine :)
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  13. yep, when you fall that way into the void at login is the ping. 100 blocks per second usually
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  14. Yes. I use the Lucky Clovers every time I log in, on moss. It happened to me a long time ago, though in that instance it was only one of them that didn't produce a small drip leaf. I re-logged then, nothing. This time, it was both plants. With everything else happening recently, I felt it worth mentioning.
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  15. well, since I couldn't chat and it was ongoing for 3 hours, I thought it was worth mentioning. This is the only place to mention it. When I have internet issues, it usually affects other things. This time the only thing affected was my game.
    I hadn't tried to log on since the server underwent maintenance.

    this would be a good time to ask if there was a Discord channel specifically for server issues and if there is, where does one find it? if there isn't one, could there be?
  16. The #emc-discussion is as good a place as any on Discord. A person is welcome to ping me on Discord if the servers are down.
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  17. armor stands breaking in hole stacks i dont know if staf was messing with me but i was running a xp farm and i use armorstands and sweeping edge the problem is yesterday like like 20 of them broke at 1s 2 times with in 10 minutes out did somting change since i have now more problems with hitting the armor stands than before like they brake more easy
  18. I think EMC is down rn. I tried to connect on multiple accs. The site was down for a bit.
  19. Ok who kicked the power cord? :D