Server issues?

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  1. Same here, Was trying to buy from a shop and it told me I had no rupees. and then I timed out.
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  2. Issue. :) Just got it as well.
  3. Okay, perfect - Thanks for the fast reply.
  4. Just happened to me too on smp6 i was connected and was buying something in a shop and then out of nowhere it said i had no rupees, i disconnected and can't reconnect now
  5. Damn figured I would wait a minute or two before trying to make a thread and someone already did. So now my topic is redundant.
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  6. Was a little confused - cause i can still see people online on other servers.
  7. Just happened on SMP8 also when I was digging around out in the wild looking for a lava pool I could hear. Restarted MC, got the code message. Looks like it's telling us we are all non-members? Hmm.. puzzling.
  8. Well we obviously have no choice but to descend into chaos.
  9. *Blows Justin Whistle*
  10. I was actually trying to access /vault so I could go sell to you, but it said it was an unknown command. :p
  11. On my MC client it says no one online for most of the servers. Seems the Forums haven't caught up.
  12. Yup, me too. Tried to connect to SMP 4 and 5, same thing
  13. I agree!

    You can work on your age-maturity equation ! :p
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  14. it says three on smp 4 for me
  15. It will definitely be more complex than my ambulation rate equation.
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  16. I don't think anyone is connected not a single bit in chat for over 10 mins on any server.
    I chase up Justin.
  17. Sad day. Looks like I'll actually have to sleep tonight. :confused:
  18. Whats funny is that iv been putting of on building something and just 5 minutes before that happened I was about to start redesigning with dirt just to get the basic outline before I start placing the actual blocks and boom this happens. I guess this is a sign I should wait a bit longer and come up with a better solid design. XD
  19. lol im having probs to must be a server error but the live map still says the are ppl on