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  1. this would not make sense as many of EMC’s features wouldn’t work or be compatible and seeing how limited and valuable chicken and moople’s time is already, i dont think personally think it would be a good use of their time.
  2. This guy got it 👆

    Perhaps if this were a conversation back in the server's heyday, then sure. But I don't think EMC has the motivation to do so. Though, I could be wrong and Chickeneer could surprise us one day, you never know. ;)
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  3. How do you mean, many of EMC's features wouldn't work?
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  4. This was more an idea to make EMC’s heyday return. I remember the days when the server was busy, it would be cool to see those days again.
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  5. There are many threads that discuss this that have been recently created, and have been talking about this in the past. There's not much we can do since the generation of players that grew up with EMC have either moved on, are parents now and have limited/no time for EMC, and in general, Minecraft Multiplayer is not as popular as it used to be. All Minecraft servers are feeling it and the only ones that "survive" are the ones with gimmicks. (Typically Pay-to-Win servers, but then they'll be discovered and shut down.)

    We did have a few waves of players on EMC, most notably in Late 2018, and even late 2019, but most of those players, like everyone else, have left and moved on with life.
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  6. Allowing "mobile/alternate connect game players" to join EMC would be limitedly useful to the entire community!

    Previously suggested ideas would be able to be simply implemented with the benefit. Examples:
    🎮 use to pop online to pay for an auction/delivery.
    📱 pop into game to add/edit access signs or adjust perms
    💻 attend holidays & events that don't require lots of interactions (think firefloor/drop party as opposed to mob arena)
  7. Huh, nice idea. In that case accounts would have to be linked somehow, though. Maybe this is desirable in general, as apparently you can now get Bedrock Edition for free if you have Java Edition, which would in theory double the amount of accounts on the server; for example, non-supporters would be able to have 2 reses per purchase of Minecraft. Not that that's bad per se.
  8. yup, I have very limited computer time, but my phone is on me all the time. I am betting there are others like me that would like to participate but are unable due to lack of sitting down at a pc time.
  9. That’s kinda my point, they moved on because life got busy and they just don’t have the time to sit down at a pc. But we have our phone on us all the time. I’m betting there are many people that would like to participate but are unable due to time constraints.
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