Separate "Threads" panel for Auctions?

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  1. I know this was discussed before, but not sure which thread it was.
    (Searching "auction" doesn't help, even in thread title, because everything is [auction])
    Initially, the idea was to remove Auctions from the "Recently Updated Threads" panel entirely. People complained because their auctions weren't being seen and posted in, so they were added back.
    I remember a discussion whereby those threads would get their own panel, separate from other discussion threads, so they'd stop spamming away the regular discussion topics.

    Whatever happened to that idea?
  2. I generally try not to bump, but I was hoping for a response on this.
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  3. Personally(and I doubt I'm the only one) most of what I do on the forums is stalk the auction house so I can see where a lot of people wouldn't necessarily like this. also like you said, people will complain because their auctions aren't getting near as much views. Which I think is the only reason we do fun/creative bumps, to get people to look at the auctions

    This would probably make in game advertising more annoying too
  4. I like it.
  5. I agree also.
  6. Agreed. It would be nice to have one that's just auctions. They'd get more attention that way, and we who only follow the regular posts would be able to see more topics. :)
  7. A new panel would be nice. That way, I could look easily at other threads and also easily look at certain auctions through a different panel. I like it. +1 :)
  8. It's not a new suggestion - I remember this being discussed (and, for some reason, discarded) some time ago. I just can't remember why. I know for a short while, the auctions were removed from that panel, and it created much whining from auction-holders, but I can't recall why they didn't get their own panel instead.
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  9. As an auction CUSTOMER it would exhibit much whining from me ;-)

    If there is anything I would like to see have its own panel, its likes. Some people spam them way too often.
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  10. Well, you see, people make auctions to get money. (I'm sorry, I didn't read the whole Thread :/.)
  11. I'm confused. How would having a separate "Recent Auctions" panel (devoted entirely to updated auctions) make you whine? I fail to see how that can be of anything but benefit to both sides - the ones who ignore auctions and the ones who focus on them.

    Sounds like you didn't read any of it. :p
  12. I didn't sorry...:) (Soz I had to quote!)
  13. Well, perhaps software limitations? I think Aikar doesn't want to go too far from the original software, as it would make an eventual update much more of a pain.
  14. There was a suggestion of a sort of EMC eBay, but that never happened.
  15. It would make me whine because most people seemingly "happen upon" auctions instead of seeking them out. probably half the auctions i have bid on is because I saw it in the recent activity being bid on. I understand there would be a separate panel. With that, auctions would only be seen if you were looking for them. I think this would obviously affect activity in the auction house. It would also increase server jumping advertisements which most people already whine about. I quite like having someone jump in and let me know about something that is "breaking news" but hey, that might just be me. As I said in the post you quoted. If you really want to clean up the recent activity and see more stuff that is relevant, you would be better to get rid of likes as an update than auctions. likes seem to take up about 2/3rds if not more of the recent updates.
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  16. That would be amazing.
  17. Clearly I'm not following you at all on this one. "Likes" are just buttons on posts, they don't trigger thread updates. Bumping / +1'ing does, sure, but all the auctions I've ever seen are more bump than bid, so that complaint is meaningless.
    Now if you're talking about people "liking" one of your posts and triggering an Alert for it... that's a whole other kettle of fish and has nothing to do with this topic.
    That might've been the reason, something in Xenforo that didn't like having multiple "Recently Updated" panels, or couldn't distinguish threads correctly. I'd love for Aikar to chime in here and shed some clarity on why this didn't happen / can't be done, but speaking personally I'm long past tired of seeing topics for discussion flooded out by bumped auctions.
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  18. I believe it was discussed a while ago to make auctions seperate from the forums. I think that's a great idea.

    In regards to the OP, I like the idea, but I would much prefer to eliminate auctions from the recently active threads list altogether.
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  19. I'm a little indifferent to the suggestion because I fully rely on the Whats New? overview as well as the Watched Threads option, so I hardly pay any attention to this panel. Although I do agree that auctions take up a lot of the active threads.

    My guess is that the reason for not doing anything is the same one which has been mentioned some time ago: the version of Xenforo being used is somewhat dated and because of that the staff prefers not to spend too much time on it if it can be helped and instead focus their attention on in-game issues. I'd say that at this moment there are (or have been) plenty of (small) issues to tackle in the "1.8 aftermath".
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  20. +111 Can I do that?