Sense of fatigue in the air?

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  1. A Marlix spawned with the usually message and then after that there was another message that said

    " A sense of fatigue is in the air... "

    What's that for?
  2. A new custom mob
  3. A sense of fatigue, I believe that is Elder Guardian.
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  4. Actually, the fatigue message comes from the Elder Guardian mob in the Ocean Temple. It's a new message that pops up. I remember my sister and I went out to find a new Ocean Temple, and when we swam above it the message appeared.
    When entering a newly discovered Ocean Temple, you will need to kill the three Elder Guardians. This fatigue prevents you from mining anything underwater. This is why you will need to defeat the Elder Guardians. After that, you will be able to find the temple's treasure and continue on with mining up the sea lanterns and prismarine you want. :)

    Did you happen to be swimming in the ocean when you encountered Marlix?
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  5. Yes I was.... I wish I recorded the coordinates ;-;
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  6. Okay, then it was definitely an Ocean Temple. Hopefully you'll be able to find it again soon. I'll give you a hint though, it's hard doing it alone. Luckily I had my sister with me when we found it. Defeating the Elder Guardian could be tricky, and it has around one or two other regular guardians near it. But it was fun, and we got a lot of sea lanterns and prismarine blocks from it. :D
    All you really have to do is just ride your boat around a large body of water until you stumble upon an Ocean Temple. If the fatigue message appears, then it's a temple that hasn't been found yet. They're not too hard to find.
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  7. Wait If it already displayed the message will it do it again if we are in the area? Or no because it already displayed a msg once?
  8. Unless you killed the elder guardians the message will keep showing when youre near it :)
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  9. Thank you all! We've (Me and ThatSillyJohnKid) Found the area! And have requested to establish it! Thank you guys A BUNCH for the quick responses or else we prob woulda lost the loc 4 ever :(

    Edit: EvilToade Approves hhehehehe :p
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