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  1. It all started with a simple task.

    The venerable [redacted] was building his brand new, giant megamall at [redacted] when he realized something. He needed to edit the roads so that his multi-res project could unite and become one, like puzzle pieces joining together to form the big picture.

    In walked B4DMAN5IMON (known to his loyal underlings subjects as B4tMAN5IMON, or simply B4TMAN), the newly crowned Senior Staff member. In his first true task as Senior Staff (because flying around hitting buttons and stuff and being AFK for long periods of time don't count as true tasks), B4TMAN was assigned to handle [redacted]'s road edit. Simple, right?

    Obviously fresh off the non-senior-staff-boat, B4TMAN had some trouble making the road look pretty, especially with [redacted]'s picky nature. So he called in Mr. Duck himself, ItsMeMatheus, who had been working on the megamall nearby.

    Even with the power of the duck, though, B4TMAN was powerless to please [redacted] and his sick building expectations. In desperate need of assistance, he summoned none other than...

    God of chins and master of the rainbows, this floating head came quickly to B4TMAN's aid, helping to restore order.

    Unbeknownst to Team Green, however, a mysterious and secretive force was lurking. Having been working on the megamall as well when this chaos ensued, I, SecretAznEks, joined into the fun just as the road edit was finished. Fooling around quickly ensued.

    Playing Doctor, I, along with nurse GabrielRocks69, imprisoned the powerful RainbowChin and attempted to extract his secrets by, among other methods, poking him with sticks.

    (It was a very scientific experiment, trust me.)

    The God of Chins, however, soon broke free of his worldly prison, and imprisoned me in his place.

    He also used his rainbow powers to attack nurse Gabriel and I, causing some severe nausea.

    Letting go his earthly tether, the great Chin flew into the air. Unfazed by this new development and finished vomiting and spinning in circles, Gabriel and I (freshly escaped from the cage of my own design) trapped the Master of Rainbow's companion, B4TMAN, in a cage. In his attempts to rescue his heroic yet shadowy friend, RainbowChin was captured and again imprisoned.

    Using their magical staff powers, they both escaped. However, due to a curious onset of Stockholm syndrome, they were kind to us, and began trying on hats for us. RainbowChin donned his usual dropper head and flew into the air. Being new to the whole "hats" thing, B4TMAN needed to find an identity. He tried on multiple hats, all to no avail.

    Simon dons a afro. ^


    Some guy named TheJonion came on. He was dumb and smelly.

    Then, after Defne_The_Boss, WCG_Elite, BailiB, and TheJonion had joined the fray, we all took a group selfie.

    Soon, though, the Senior Staff had again turned on us. The God of Chins himself used his evil Chin powers to bewitch me! I became but a shell of my former self, and invisible man in visible armor.

    "Oh no? Whither hath my body gone?"
    I quickly learned to relish in my newfound transparency, though, and adopted the Headless Horseman identity, instilling fear into all.

    A flying pickaxe?? Magic!!

    All in all, a good time.
    This is what happens when you leave SMP2 alone at night.

    TL;DR -
    Some stuff happened. Some people were there. You should definitely read the full story.
  2. Why am I redacted lol
  3. Doctor, all of our research is gone, I imputed our data into an imaginary potatoe on the ground.
  4. Shhh you're supposed to be stricken from the records because the mall is very hush hsuh
    Also because I'm the master of Secrets. I can keep one if I want without the likes of you questioning me xP
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  5. Sounds like quite an experience!
  6. "It's like a bad horror move" -AlexChance

    yea, I was there... right in the local chat.. (For part of it anyways..) I was wondering what was going on.. =P
  7. Ah, perfect ;-;
    10/10 would experience again.