Senior Staff Service?

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  1. Based on this post

    apparently Armor stands could be placed in poses through commands. Don't know what is possible on EMC, but wondering if this is possible as a Senior Staff service? as I would be willing to pay for this service :) ;)

    Too new to MC and EMC to know who would have what level of access.
  2. +1

    I would never use this myself but I can easily see how players might want to use this to decorate their houses even further. And this sounds pretty harmless to me.
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  3. +1 because i think it'd be really neat and i'd love to see how people would use them / use the service to put a little more life or creativity into their reses. not that emc doesn't already have enough of that ;).
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  4. +1 That would be really cool to have this and it would be awesome for decorating res's and making new stuff!
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  5. That would be really cool.So much possibilities like creepy mansions. You open the door and boom! An armor stand with a pumpkin... ;) +10
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  6. +1 Sounds like a good idea!
  7. +1 I've always liked this idea - however implement with an understanding that this may be lower on the priority list?
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  8. I don't see any issue with this. At least in my case, and likely most players, if you are decorating with an armor stand (and paying a fee) it will likely be a planned long-term build and permanent decoration... so shouldn't matter if delivery takes a while. Anticipation is exciting... ;)
  9. This has been suggested before (or at least adding arms to the stands has been, which falls under the same category) and at the time, they are extremely buggy with regards to staying non-broken and sometimes ghost moving.

    We need to do some code in order to keep people from accidentally breaking them before we would consider this as a service. Otherwise, the result would be the SS having to revisit multiple times when one was broken accidentally in order to replace it. As someone who has worked with them quite a bit, it is EXTREMELY easy to accidentally break it when trying to change what it's holding, etc.
  10. Maybe add a bit of code where you can only break it while holding a stick or something?
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  11. Nah, I know what she talkin about. Its not so easy for these coz it will always attempt to TAKE the stick from you. Only way I can think of such a removal command would be a way in which a player is looking at one with a typed in command but that just seems like a small load of work for one feature of a feature.
  12. Maybe when the stand is broken it could have an nbt tag on it that has the arms as soon as its placed?
  13. I feel like this definitely should be a senior staff service +1
  14. +1, me likey this idea.
  15. Add this. +9001
  16. Understood thanks Krysyy.
    So I did some more thinking, and I wondered if it wouldn't be possible with restrictions then? I am guessing that the breaking happens when players try to change the items worn?

    So how about rules such as we already have with road edits?

    What I was thinking is the players could place the armour stand, and dress it, and obtain the position code as recomended by Roslyn (thanky Madame!)....

    ...BEFORE the SS is contacted to come and make the change, AND once placed the players shouldn't touch them except at risk of breaking them, thus requiring another SS payment to fix it. (rules in the Wiki)

    just my 2 rupees. cuz I really really want this as an option. ;)

    (ps. I am even willing to be the paying guinea pig to trial run it!)
  17. I want this i likey arms