EMC & Armor stands

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Raaynn, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Hi to anyone with a clue... I believe armor stands can be placed with arms, and maybe even positioned, and wondering if this is possible on EMC? being new to MC and EMC I am still on a huge learning curve.

    I did see a property with a stand that was armed (like a scarecrow), but believe it was a staff res....?!?

    Reason I ask is for the new builds I am working on and planning for.
  2. Armor stands cannot be placed with arms or "poses" in survival, sadly. :(
    They have to be summoned in through command to have those attributes.
  3. wow, super fast. Thanks Bobby
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  4. I wonder than if senior staff can do this? gonna post a suggestion
  5. They can do this,but normally only for official events/teasing eachother. Its not a service nor can they do this for peoples res's/ peoples events
  6. Thanks Qkazoo. I already posted it as a suggested service, as I think we could make some awesome builds if it were possible to add as a service. Or if I can find any willing victims er... volunteers..... :)