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  1. Hello Empire!

    I have a comment, not so much a complaint. But this is something that frustrates me. I think there needs to be more options for us to sell our loot (Diamonds, Gold, Minerals, etc. ) I have visited TONS of shops all over the Empire and am having extreme difficulty finding shops that "BUY" anything at all.

    There are countless shops that sell everything possible under the sun, but not a place to take raw mined materials or blocks and convert to cash.

    Of the shops i have visited (and i spent hours visiting), a couple do "buy" gold, diamonds, emeralds, iron, etc... however, the consistent problem i've seen in the last month of searching is that even these shops are maxed out and/or don't need valuable ore/blocks.

    This leaves players like me motivated to build wealth so i can buy other valuable goods with no cash do to so and we sit on TONS of ore and minerals.

    Not sure how this could be solved, but wanted to put my frustration in not having a place to sell out there in the EMC ether :)

    thanks for listening!

    -FREDD (SMP3)
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  2. Have you considered opening your own shop? You could probably sell a fair bit of your loot if you just price it a bit below what everyone else sells for.
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  3. Hey MMAN, yeah i've thought about it, but in taking with players, the effort of learning the shop system, building the shop doesn't seem to line up with the need for specific ore/blocks. Most people I speak to don't 'buy' gold, diamond, redstone, etc. I'm not certain how other's are unloading it, but i haven't figured it out yet!

    There are countless shops that sell gold, diamond, iron, etc. so i doubt we need yet ANOTHER shop selling the exact same thing.. just a way to unload it as a player looking to be motivated to mine/sell and buy other things.

  4. Start a convo with me, I will buy all redstone, lapis, and diamonds you can possibly sell.
  5. You can do one of the following:
    -Gain enough of a specific item and auction it.
    -I can buy some if the price is right.
    -Try other SMPs
  6. You know, the problem is, many shopkeepers like Todd_Vinton, Faithcaster, and RandomZH (All on Smp1) don't put up those sell options for a reason. The thing is, they are shopkeepers in a virtual economy, which means that they're gong to want to MAKE money rather than LOSE money. Because of this, they're going to limit their imports and increase their exports to keep from going broke. You'll notice very often that items you can sell to those shops are worth significantly less than items you can buy, or you often can't even sell those items when the sell shop is there (That last sentence made no sense to me).
    The shop owners need to limit what they want to buy, so they will often lower prices to discourage people from selling, or pack their shop chests with other worthless items to keep people from selling too much, or just not make a sell shop at all. So, if you want to sell your items, you'll need to find someone that is actually looking to buy them.
  7. fixed that for you
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  8. Fixed what?
  9. Just get a bunch of one type of mineral/block/whatever, at least a DC of it, and auction it. problem solved =P
  10. He changed your "try other servers" to "try other smps"
  11. Do you have xp bottles? Ill buy them if they dont cost too much.
  12. To be honest, I can't sell anything in EMC except the forums. And believe me, even if you only have a SC (single chest) of ores such as gold, iron, etc, you can make LOTS of money.
  13. I assure you there is no shortage of places to sell. Are you having trouble finding places to sell or is the issue that you're unsatisfied with the prices you see?

    If you have bulk you should try auctions and/or the market forum. Players will pay more than market price for bulk items because of the convenience.

    Likewise, when you sell you to a mall you should expect slightly less than market price. That is the convenience you pay for.
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  14. Also, it's kinda funny to see that fredd and I have nearly identical profile pictures... =P
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  15. Thanks all for the input! I had not considered auctioning off large lots offline (forums).

    To answer JesusPower2, it isn't the prices at all. Prices are fair, it was just difficult to find a way to unload gold. silver so i could cash up and invest in other items i personally need for gameplay. I tend to do a lot of mining for my RES, and in that process, end up with a lot of ore. Just trying to convert that to cash.

    I think the best advice here is fill a chest and then auction it off in forums.
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  16. I know. It was a joke, I changed it so it looked like he changed nothing.
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  17. I used to load it up in my vault and take it smp to smp and sell it all
  18. Well, others beat me to it but yeah. Don't focus on selling to shops but selling to players.

    One tip which I haven't seen (which is why I'm commenting): when you do open up a shop yourself (the wiki page should make it easy enough) then the one thing you need to have is patience. Don't expect people to suddenly rush into your shop, and also make sure that you don't spam the chat to tell everyone that you started one (all that does is making people ignore you, maybe even worse by using /ignore).

    But once some people found your shop and discovered that it is a good way to get items you're bound to have them visit you again. So while it won't be a liable option to make "quick money" it can be a very rewarding way to make a lot of money in the longer run.

    And I'm not kidding. I'm currently doing a rehaul on the items I'm selling in mine, but at one point all I had to do was to advertise my bows (one or two times) and that very same week I'd be sold out again.

    But the keyword here is really patience.
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  20. I came across the same problem when I first started doing on EMC.
    The reason as to why you might not find many shops out there that feature "Buy" options on the shops is simply because the owners of those shops are not able to afford the cost it takes to run one of them.
    If the person you want to sell to is offline and does not feature a buy option on their chestshops, make your own shops. Little bit of extra work but it can pay off even more than just selling to shops for your sole source of income.

    Welcome to EMC by the way!! First thread ;)