[SELLING] Wither Skulls

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  1. I'm selling Wither Skulls for 7k and Beacons for 22k on smp7, lot 14870.

    Once you TP in, go through the Wither Shop portal. If you need to shop for other things, I've also left my chest up at Zeke1o0o's (14869) next door.


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  2. Thanks for your purchase, RunningRhino.
  3. pab will u help me get some plz :D
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  4. You could get some from my farm:
  5. How did you get so many I've got over 500 and no skull. How long did it take you to get that many.
  6. I tenderly plant them in soul sand and fertilize them with the souls of dead vilagers. I then tend them lovingly until they reach full maturation then I RIP them from the ground with a pickaxe.

  7. How many souls do you need i could get a couple and we trade :)
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  8. teach me your ways!
  9. i love the pic :)
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  10. I should be able to do a few more beacons tonight if anyone is interested.
  11. How in the world did u get those skulls to magicaly grow like nether war?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  12. Try a looting III enchanted sword, it does wonders. :D (Or you can try Pab's method of feeding one skull souls until it makes more. It might be a BIT more time consuming though. ;))
  13. I've used a looting III sword.
  14. Hmm, guess you're just having a bad luck streak. They work great for me. :)
  15. I don't understand…how do you grow wither skulls? :confused: How do souls of dead villagers help?
  16. Hash tag grim reaper.
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  17. wait can you "breed" wither skulls?
  18. Is this actually on EMC?! Like the Wither Head farm?! Is that Tekkit?!
  19. For those of you who are wondering, I'm kidding about farming skulls. I have to schlep around in the Nether beaning Wither skeletons with a Looting sword just like the next guy.

    I do have a special place though...
  20. i havent been able to get enough to fight the boss :(