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Discussion in 'Selling' started by Tuqueque, Jun 30, 2022.

  1. Thanks I bought a couple diamond supporter vouchers.
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  2. Restocked btw - increased prices so people can rely on these chest having stock even if I disappear for a couple of weeks at a time. Starting at a new job/place so schedule is undecided yet about my free time etc

    Still going to do giveaways for customers but probably every 2-3 months. I’ll do End of year appreciation gifts that I promised in a few days, probably around new years :)


    Edit (computer broke down New Years so have not done it yet) will do when I get computer fixed

    Edit 2: Appreciation books were sent in January
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  3. February 2023 update - Due to my decrease in activity, I have stopped doing the giveaways mentioned throughout this thread, however stock is still available in the shop. If it’s not on stock pm any if the admins on my res or myself in discord to get more stock. You may also reach out to me in-game if you see me for a discounted voucher.

    Also wanted to update that I did end up sending customer appreciation books to my most loyal customers of last year :)
  4. Almost thread anniversary & a mid year bump -

    I have increased prices slightly. My goal is for there to be always stock in case someone needs vouchers urgently, without interfering with other people's prices. I put all the stock I had remaining into the chest shops. PM me if it goes out of stock.

    Happy Empires Update to everyone!

    For any future voucher sellers, let me know if my prices need adjustment in the case where Im competing too much with a competitive price / acting as price ceiling. Just dm me and I’ll happily increase my prices
  5. If there are any consistent voucher sellers that want a plug in my thread, let me know, happy to refer people to you :)
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  6. Diamond vouchers restocked.

    I did want to note that iron vouchers can be traded in for diamond memberships for those in need of those and other options are not available.

    As always, feel free to PM me if you need some and you catch me online.

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  7. Recently restocked, bump, and look at my status!
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  8. Increased prices and replinished stock :) Seems there was a dry spell on vouchers recently =P

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  9. Decided to restart the raffle here,

    monthly customers:

    ‘I’ll be sending diamond, gold, iron voucher for the podium next time I login which should be this weekend.
    In case people are having trouble seeing the picture:

    edit: Lomax70, CardInAction, DueDiligence won the prizes (I can see the picture on mobile but not on my PC for some reason)
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  10. Items have been sent :)

    I doubt I will be able to do June Raffle on time, so I might combine June/July or just issue two raffles together later.

    Each raffle will most likely have only one winner, and the prize will probably be a supporter voucher (not necessarily diamond). (I don't want to encourage customers solely for these specific rafflle results since it’s a rare occasion , since I gave away 3 vouchers this time, for transparency sake.)
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  11. I reduced price of remote signs to 800r each, let me know how that price compares to the rest of the market :)
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