Boosted's Boxes - A Custom Shulker Kit Service

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  1. Welcome to the Empire's Official Shulker Kit Service! Peruse the various shulker kits available, and place an order below! Alternatively you can create your OWN Custom Shulker Kit! Multiple kit orders accepted! If you have any specific requests, or questions, please let me know! Preview Avaliable at +ShulkerKits or +BB on Smp3! (6219)

    JUNE 20th - JULY 20th - 1 FREE netherite upgrade to one tool / weapon / armor piece of your CHOOSING in every box ordered, and 1 FREE Add on Box for each kit! (excludes Conduit Setup Box)

    Netherite is now Available for an extra 3,500r per item! Please request whether you would like a netherite upgrade for anything - Depending on how popular it is, I may or may not have enough netherite, so be patient / understanding, thanks! :)

    You can now add a rocket box with your order for an extra 1,250r (A Shulker of Dura 1 Rockets)

    You can now add a Scaffolding Box with your order for an extra 1,000r! (A Shulker of scaffolding)

    You can now add a Netherite Mining Box with your order for an extra 3,500r! (4 stacks of Tnt, 1 Unbreaking 3 Mending Flint and Steel, 4x 8 min splash potions of Fire Res)

    You can now add a Torch Box with your order for an extra 1,000r (A Shulker of Torches)

    You can now add a Beacon Setup with your order for an extra 3,000r (A beacon + 4 Stacks of Iron Blocks)

    You can now add a Conduit setup with your order for an extra 10,000r! (A Conduit and 64 Prismarine blocks)

    You can now add a Golden Carrot Box with your order for an extra 1,500r (A Shulker of Golden Carrots)

    You can now add a Uncrafted Rocket Box with your order for an extra 2,000r! (A Shulker of 13 stacks paper, 13 stacks GP and 1 Stack Dura 3 Rockets)

    You can now add a All in One Survival Add on box with your order for an extra 3,000r! (3 Stacks of Dura 3 Flight Rockets, 2 Stacks of Iron blocks, 1 Stack of exp Bottles, 16 Anvils, 2 Stacks of Golden Carrots, 4 Fire Res 8 min Splash Pots, 4 Totems of Undying, 1 Water Bucket, 2 Stacks of Torches, 1 Stack of Logs, 2 Stacks of Shulker Shells, 1 Stack of Chests, 3 Stacks Ender Pearls)
    This box can be ordered with no shulker kits, and as many as required! ^^

    You can now add a Totem Box with your order for an extra 8,000r! ( A Shulker of Totem of Undying)

    (if you see this message me "10" for 10% off your next shulker kit! (1 Per person per week)

    Please state whether you would like any add ons (Max 1 of each PER Shulker ordered - so if you order 5 kits, you can get 5 of each of the add ons)

    Make your own CUSTOM Shulker Kit!
    (see spoiler for pricings and options, all enchants for premade boxes are displayed in this spoiler also, you may customise the enchants on pre made boxes also!)

    Enchanted Items:

    Picks, Shovels, Axes, Hoes - 1,000r each (Silk Touch, Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Mending)

    Full Armor Set - 5,000r (Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Mending, Thorns III) (Aqua Infinity, Respiration III) (Depth Strider III Feather Falling IV)
    (Soul Speed = 250r Extra) (Sorry no Swift Sneak avaliable)

    Trident (Unbreaking III, Mending, Impaling V - Last enchant you can choose) 4,000r (Max 2 per kit)

    Gold Helmet (for nether) - 1,000r (Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Mending I)

    Turtle Shell - 1,500r (Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Mending, Thorns III, Aqua Infinity I, Respiration III

    Elytra - 8,000r (Mending, Unbreaking III) (max 1 per kit)

    Brush, Shield, Flint and Steel, Shears - 500r (Mending, Unbreaking III)

    Sword - 1,500r (Sharpness V, Unbreaking III, Mending, Sweeping Edge III, Looting III, Fire Aspect II, Knockback II)

    Bow / Crossbow - 1,500r (Bow - Power V, Unbreaking III, Infinity, Flame, Punch II) (Crossbow - Unbreaking III, Mending, Quick Charge III, Multishot)

    Fishing Rod - 1,000r (Unbreaking III, Mending, Lure III, Luck Of the Sea III

    Important Items:

    Xp Bottles - 175r a Stack (max 2)
    End Chest - 1,000r for 8
    Scaffolding - 100r a Stack (max 4)
    Logs - 128r a Stack (max 2)
    Shulker Shells - 200r a Stack (max 2)
    Totem of Undying - 150r Per
    Arrows - 50r a Stack (max 4)
    Golden Carrots - 100r a Stack (max 8)
    Dura 3 Rockets - 100r a Stack (no limit)
    Dura 1 Rockets - 50r a Stack (no limit)
    Paper - FREE (max 4 stacks)
    Gunpowder - 128r a Stack (max 4 stacks)
    Eye of Ender - 1,000r a Stack (max 1 Stack)

    Specialty Items:

    Redstone Blocks - 1,000r a Stack (max 4 stacks)
    Hoppers - 1,500r a Stack (max 4 stacks)
    Comparators - 1,750r a Stack (max 2 Stacks)
    Repeaters - 1,250r a Stack (max 2 Stacks)
    Droppers - 500r a Stack (max 2 Stacks)
    Dispensers - 1,750r a Stack (max 2 Stacks)

    TnT - 1,000r a Stack (max 5 Stacks)
    Beacon + 3 Stacks of Iron Blocks - 3,000r
    Torches - 100r a Stack (max 4 Stacks)
    Emerald Blocks - 1,250r a Stack (max 2 Stacks)
    Fire Res Potions - 10r Per (max 6)

    Please add any combination up to 27 Slots worth to fill a full shulker! (You may have a partially filled shulker to, so if you wanted say only 3 picks and 3 shovels this is allowed. Minimum price for part shulkers must exceed 10,000r though :)

    The Shulker Kit 9000 - 25,000 Rupees!

    Redstone Shulker Kit - 17,000 Rupees!

    Critical Tools! - 23,000 Rupees

    Exploration Shulker Kit! - 20,000 Rupees

    The Nether Kit! - 15,000 Rupees

    The boots will include the SOUL SPEED 3 enchant!

    Tools Galore Kit! - 30,000 Rupees

    The Combat Kit - 17,000 Rupees

    The Project Kit - 15,000 Rupees

    The Deep Dark Shulker Kit! - 20,000r

    The Aqua Exploration Shulker Kit! - 17,000r

    Total Kits Ordered: 62!
    Total Custom Kits Ordered: 8!

    (I reserve the right to decline any orders depending on size and time requested for orders - although this would very rarely, if ever happen. If any order I accept can not be completed, or is only partially completed, I will refund 100% of any payment made, and anything that was completed from your order you may keep free of charge.)
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  3. I would like one please, are they only vía mail, or in shop?
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  4. Will be mailed after payment is sent! :)
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  5. payment sent. ty
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  6. Sent! :)
  7. Excellent, ty. sent payment for a second one :)
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  9. How many do you have available?
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  10. I'll take one as well :) Payment sent.
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  11. Sent :)
  12. At the moment ive been making them as people order, however I will start to produce more now as I see there's some interest :) If you want to place a bigger order you're more then welcome to! It might just take a few days to get it all done with work etc :)

  13. Redstone Shulker Kits Now Added! -25,000r per :)
  14. Will order 2 redstone kits please. Will send rupees today
  15. I have ordered a few now. 10/10, would order again
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  16. No worries, when I get on today i'll mail them through!
  17. 4 more Critical Kits please :)
  18. Will get onto both of your orders now :)
  19. Mailed yours yesterday :)

    Hey all, if anyone has any ideas for other shulker kit's please let me know! I would love to have multiple options avaliable, or if you have custom shulker kit orders, let me know! And if they are different enough I will add them to the order list also! :)
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  20. Introducing the new box *Critical Tools*, tailormade to TheCritic's needs! Order it now! :D