[SELLING] Some promos.

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  2. Ill take the cookie paying now
  3. I want the pot of gold please. Will send payment as soon as you confirm (if I am on, otherwise as soon as I relog in)
  4. Mailed to ya. :D
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  5. can I have the eggcelent wand I will pay you when you give
  6. Mailed. :D
  7. Can I have the 3 EMC birthday cakes? Will pay as soon as I login.
  8. Will mail em to ya in the morning when I relog. :D
    EDIT: Wait, Its already morning.... :rolleyes::D:p
    EDIT II: Mailed. :) Waiting on your payment. :D
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  9. I'll pay you in the evening :) (and no, it's not evening yet :p)
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  10. Paid, received, thanks! :)
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  11. I payed
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  12. /VERY/ Late Bump! :D:D:D
  13. ^^^ actually its primetime for the majority of emc :D have a good night. probably the best time of day/night to bump a post. between now and the next few hours ;-)
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  14. Ye olde Bumpe! :D
  15. Thee "I'm not settled in with my PC and Ready to bump" Bump!