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  1. If you haven't seen this thread (which I suggest you should) then all you need to know is that I recently finished a large automatic potato farm, and am selling all of the potatoes from it.

    6/15/16: 868,080 potatoes sold, and 53,528r of profit has been made by this farm.

    To get to the potatoes, all you need to do is /v 5172 and walk into one of these:

    and it will take you to the area to buy the potatoes.

    Currently the prices for the potatoes are 1 stack for 4 rupees !

    Check out this thread if you're curious as to how the farm works.

    And while you're there, feel free to buy some pumpkins, produced by my overly large automatic pumpkin farm, which you can learn about here!
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  2. Noice. I will check it out sometime today. :)
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  3. Out of everything, will this go active again ever?
  4. Yep. I'll be AFKing later today.
  5. Bump! Now with banners!
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  6. Using shavingfoam's EMC Shopkeeper tool, I found that I have sold 382,624 pumpkins, which is 24,848 rupees!
    I have also sold 81,472 potatoes, which is 4,256 rupees!
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  7. It's definitely 'active', just also popular.
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  8. Is there a way for you to sell them cooked? I would gladly buy a DC of cooked potatoes :p
  9. Not really, as I would have to do it all manually, and I would like to keep it a 100% AFK farm.
  10. Bump. I currently have over 7 double chests of potatoes in stock.
    Since this farm has opened I have sold over 713,000 potatoes, which is about 43,000r of profit.
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  11. Bump. 89,408 (5,588r) potatoes have been sold since my last post here.
  12. Bump. 1,023,664 potatoes have been sold as of 7/20/16. That's worth 62,352r!
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  13. Bump. 1,207,088 Potatoes since the farms creation!
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  14. Bump.

    Since the farms creation, I have sold 1,572,224 potatoes, which has made me 97,428 rupees!
  15. Bump.
    Since the farms creation, I have sold 1,700,928 potatoes, which has made me 106,344 rupees!
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