New Giant Potato Farm at 5172!

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  1. Since late August I have been working on a fully automatic farm that can mass produce potatoes, and as of 11pm on 10/17/2015 it is finished!

    The farm as multiple cells and different layers. Each layer has 4 cells that each hold 634 crops of potatoes! There are 6 layers, so that means there are 15216 potato crops!

    Each cell has 5 villagers in them. 4 to harvest the potatoes and one to trick the other villagers into throwing the potatoes into a hopper collection system.

    After the potatoes are in the hoppers they travel to a large storage system that holds well over 300,000 items, not including all the hoppers!
    See this thread for information about buying the potatoes.

    Here are some screenshots of the farm:

    So what do you all think of the farm?


    I did not design this farm, and I take no credit for its design. This is the video where I got the farm from:

    The texture pack used in these screenshots:

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  2. what are these new villager mechanics?

    I haven't played mc in more than a year.

    They now harvest and move items to hoppers?
  3. Lol I was just planning out using this exact farm for my own use, glad to see someone took it far beyond what I'd ever do
  4. They harvest crops and throw them at different occupations of villagers, so if you have farmers running around the crops, they'll take care of and harvest them and then they get tricked by having the other villager in the center that they want to throw the crops at but they will fall into the hoppers first so you will get the crops and it will essentially be a fully automatic farm.
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  5. 1.8 introduced a new mechanic that allows villagers to harvest any fully grown wheat, carrot, or potato crops. After they harvest it the villagers pick up the crops and replant them. Once their inventory is full they will try to throw the food to other villagers. In my farm the villagers try to throw the crops to a villager they can't reach, and it ends up falling into a water stream that leads to a hopper.

    You can read more about it here.
  6. I was actually planning on having 64 cells, but then I found out how time consuming and tedious it is to make them, so I decided to go with 24 instead.
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  7. Fantastic looking farm. :) I hadn't thought about creating automatic wheat, carrot, and potato farms using the new villager mechanics, and I must say, it's quite an ingenious set-up. Nice job!
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  8. I'm impressed. :)
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  9. Next Step:
    Make a self-sustaining tree farm to make charcoal and smelt them all!
  10. One quick question:
    Are all of the villagers in the farm farmer villagers, or are they a mix?
    I am thinking about building this for my outpost now, and was wondering if other villager types work also.
  11. As far as I know it only works with farmer villagers. The trap villager that they try to throw items to can be any type of villager that isn't a farmer.
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  12. Love it. Was planning to build some of these at my base once I get my big stuff done. May look at this as a starting point. Thanks :)

    EDIT: I noticed the video only mentions potatoes & carrots. I assume it can also be used for wheat? (I know it might be different because it would used seeds & wheat.)