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  1. 2014-05-17_16.31.58.png
    Open now on Utopia is my giant pumpkin farm!
    This farm has 800 pumpkin plants constantly producing pumpkins for everyone to enjoy! After the pumpkins grown they're immediately pushed down into the water, then sucked up by a hopper minecart.
    The storage system you see can hold roughly 2 million items until it reaches maximum capacity.

    Here is a picture of the BUD that harvests the pumpkins. 2014-05-17_16.32.10 - Copy.png

    An outside view. (sorry it's so boring to look at and that it's only half there.)
    2014-05-17_16.37.40 - Copy.png

    I am also selling the pumpkins I collect for 1 rupee per 16 pumpkins! You can find the shop at the spawn of 5172.
    Here's the selling thread.
    2014-05-17_16.41.05 - Copy.png

    I didn't design this farm. The original was made by Dataless822.
    You can find the video here.
    The original is a melon farm, but who needs melons when you can have pumpkins?
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  2. I shall donate 10k since this went out of your own pocket just for the community =)
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  3. I'm calling nick5013 on you!:D Thank you for doing this for the community.
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  4. this is really cool!
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  5. I thought these were free pumpkins :(
  6. Bump because I can
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  7. Bump!
    Some screenshots of it with a new texture pack!

  8. The day of Halloween, millions of players will stock on pumpkins, it will be like black friday. :p