[Selling] Original/Custom Skins - Pay what you want

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  1. Need Skins Badly?

    Requests are currently: (Temporarily Closed)

    -I am an experienced skin artist with many styles (with an emphasis on classic video games) working for donations.
    -Pay what you want, when you want for original and custom skin designs. Pay whatever you think it's worth or can afford. All donations accepted, big, small or none at all. Just make sure you spell my name right if you do!
    -Request by posting here or via forum messaging. (or both if you want)

    -Don't have an actual request but a suggestion/idea for a cool skin here? You can make suggestions in the comments too!


    -This is for requesting original skins. Please don't ask for edits of other artists' skins. (by exception) Custom Steve/Alex edits, cape edits and edits for your own original skins are okay.

    -Avoid requesting skins that already exist in abundance. Example: There are hundreds of Iron Man skins. Don't ask for an Iron Man skin. (by exception) If you can't find an Iron Man you like from the thousand available, I'll make you one...begrudgingly. :p

    -Please include some general information and details about your skin request, including gender, style, shading (none, simple, complex) clothes and any other specifics. If you have any reference pictures you can include links in your post as well.

    -Completed original skins will be posted to Planet Minecraft. If you would like your skin to be kept private, please indicate that in your request. That said, I prefer to keep my work public.

    -I play Minecraft to unwind and have fun. I make skins for fun. But...I also work a job where I can be called up at a moment's notice and sometimes...even have to work weekends...(shudder)
    Requests will be done in the order requested as soon as possible but if you need a skin *right now/five minutes ago* I may not be able to accommodate you.


    Check out my full collection of published skins here:

    Request Queue: (max 10)
    Cascadian Sasquatch for whatkom
    Special Request for Mischievous_Wolf
    Hipster Business Man for Galantisizer
    Guy in Jacket/Jeans for Keliris
    Jacketed Jack for ChickenDice
    Gourd Heads for AverageWalrus

    Reserved Queue:
    something for Patr1cV
    something for jstclair41

    Overflow Queue:

    Deathlok for smongoman24

    Completed Skins:
    Emperor Penguin for PenguinDJ
    Cyborg Bear for tedrocker
    Savage Hulk for smongoman24
    Custom Cape for smongoman24
    CyberChicken for legend890
    Cyber Orangutan for Bro_im_infinite
    Special Request for Scorpio528
    Special Request for f_builder_s
    Custom Cape for SageCreeper
    Special Request for Shyguythegamer1
    Diamond Winged Creeper for SageCreeper
    Special Request for Scorpio528 (P/Y/O)
    Death Knight for Jay2144
    ODST Helljumper for Chief_McCloud
    Anthro Cat Guy for EvKem
    Jacket with Bear Mask for Chizmaro
    Bloody Jacket with Bear Mask for Chizmaro
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  2. Why not, would like to request a Cyborg Bear skin :D!
  3. Bears <3

    OT: Nice skins ya got there. GL I'm sure people will use this. :)
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  4. Have you returned! :D
  5. I have. Shoot me a PM if you want so we don't spam up this thread. :p
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  6. Okay, well you didn't really give any specifics so I just went with it. Let me know if you want changes/edits.

    Here it is, Cybear, a fully armored cyborg bear, ready to rip your arms off and compute PI to the thousandth decimal.

    Full 3D Preview/Download here:

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  7. I like it! I will pay you what I can afford at the moment, isn't that good but it's still something :p
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  8. Those look very good! I wish you luck with this service! :)
  9. Are you still doing this? If so, I'd like to request a penguin skin. I haven't seen one online that I like yet. :p
  10. Yep, sure am. Any particulars or anything you're looking for specifically? Also, style-wise, flat, simple, complex shading, etc.?
  11. I don't have any specifics. Maybe some complex shading? Not sure what that means. :p

    And if possible, could you base it off of this picture? Thanks!
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  12. Here it is, hopefully you like this one. It's okay if you don't...it won't hurt my feelings...much. Sniff. Nah, it's all good. I can take criticism.

    If you want any changes, let me know.

    Edit: Updated! There was a cache error.

    3D Preview/Download here:
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  13. That looks great! Thanks a lot. :)
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  14. Woops! Updated, there was a cache error and it had an old draft version. There's a slight change to the sides of the body so it matches up properly. Please redownload the updated version.
  15. Savage Hulk as requested for smongoman24!

    The shading/musculature took me a while. I by no means paid attention in anatomy class (or took an anatomy class) but hopefully this is something like what you were looking for.

    3D Preview/Download here:

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  16. Can you make me like, a robo/cyborg chicken with complex shading? :)
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  17. ya that thing is awesome way better than the other one you showed me great work
  18. Hey, thanks! That's nifty! ;)
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  19. I payed u 1r is that enough?