[Selling] My Guide On How To Get Rich

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  1. Hello EMC!

    Last night I thought of an idea where I would make a book on how to become wealthy, keep in mind I am wealthy myself. Anyway back to the books, they are 26 pages long and took me about an hour to write and 10 minutes to copy and make a new one. So the sale price for these books it 1500r for players 30 days and older and 500r for players under 30 days. I have already sold a few books and so far have gotten good reports.

    To purchase simply go to /v 8556 and turn left, it's the first shop sign.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 7.14.41 pm.png

    Have a read at what my customers had to say

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  2. Do these books come with a guarantee of riches? :)
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  3. What the heck, I'll take one I guess.
  4. Hehe, no thnx I already know how to get rich in just 3 days. But I think I will read your guide for fun, and because I like how to make money and read books :D.
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  5. I am betting that on the last page it will say
    How to get rich
    1) Sell books about how to get rich
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  6. Are you able to guarantee it's nothing generic like voting/mining?
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  7. I'll take one, thanks. Just a question, how many rupees do you have?
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  8. That'd be a nice endorsement :p
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  9. I really wish it did xD
  10. Same with meh' :p That's how I got meh' color!
  11. I have 200k and about 50 - 75k in items :)
    I'm gonna be honest there are two pages dedicated to voting but that is just for the new players
  12. He has over 300k
  13. You know what? I buy one meh'self' for teh' heck of it :p
  14. So JKNRLZ your book will be put in a chest after payment is received. I think you ordered one generalfelino not sure though. The Legend after payment is received your book will be put in a chest. Same with you skrillex
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  15. Ok, logging in right now. I am going to need this, because I spent 50k on villager eggs XD
  16. Meh, I need one... Gimmeh....
  17. Not really gonna need it but I guess I'll buy one so I can tell you guys if it's worth it.
  18. Your book is ready
  19. It's actually WORTH IT!!!!
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  20. Thank you.
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