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  1. Welcome everyone to my new supporter voucher stand.
    • Here I will be selling Iron, Gold, and even Diamond vouchers at a lower than average price.
    • Want to buy a supporter voucher without draining your rupees heavily? Swing by my shop booth on smp6 @ /v +Vouchers.
    • I will bump this thread as soon as I get more vouchers in stock!
    • [= Buying Vouchers =] Only one voucher per customer, each week. No Bulk Selling! No Alts!
    • A maximum of one cheap voucher will be stocked weekly, and if possible I'll partake in stocking some to be sold at regular price.
    • For each week that I get the cheap voucher stocked, I'll add the corresponding shop sign immediately and it will be up for whoever gets there first.
    *Please remember to keep this in mind*
    • These are costing REAL money, so please when I run out do give me adequate time to get more stocked.
    • This is ONLY to show my support for the community by allowing supporter vouchers at a more affordable exchange rate for all who wish to get one therefore receiving the benefits of a donor.
    • These are NOT for bulk buying. I want more than one person to enjoy the opportunity I'm offering at a lowered cost.
    ===== Prices =====

    • Iron Voucher x1 - 75,000 rupees

    • Gold Voucher x1 - 180,000 rupees

    • Diamond Voucher x1 - 300,000 rupees
    Thank you all for supporting me in the past - I hope to do the same for you and others alike. :cool:
  2. Already sold out, guessing you got bulk bought :(
  3. I think you could maybe set a limit to one voucher a week or so? And of people buy mlre then you can simply res bam them, it's annoying thst you'd have to do such a thing but to some people rupees are more important than letting others enjoy the game.
  4. Yes, you're absolutely right about that. :( Allowing a gap of time for purchases to take place, for a lowered expense rate would be a useful decision for managing these, especially for the rl cost. Perfecting the said "gap of time" will be a test. Raising the prices might happen, though lets just add in a limit starting next week. Dealing with those who wish to buy more than one in a certain said "time frame" will be dealt with accordingly as I simply ask people not to stockpile these.

    Afraid so my friend. Looks like I'll need to make a couple changes this week so next week's delivery lasts longer. This is something new for me though, so I don't expect things to go smooth sailing right away.
    Don't worry, more will be coming soon! ;)
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  5. Dangit. I need rupees right now, to buy some (2) of these... :p
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  6. This is a great thing you are doing, i love to see more players pushing to support the server. ^.^ I have an offer for you dealing with this concept. If you are interested, please send me a pm and I'll explain better.
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  7. Maybe could could advertise a sign "anyone caught bulk buying will be permanently banned from your services"
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  9. I know that your trying to provide supportership to players for a lowered price but sadly they'll have no chance to buy them as most players will only buy them to sell on for x1.5 the price your selling them for. It sucks it really does but that's how the community on this server works, rupees are more important than having a good time. I think what your doing is extremely kind though :)
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  10. Instead of using shop signs, you should sell the vouchers by hand.
    Then you'll know who is in need, and who might likely resell by their player name or whatnot.
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  11. I'd buy to use. Unfortunately i don't have enough rupees to buy one. I'll save up and i'll be back........Good Luck to you.
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  12. I wish I could ask to place a hold on 1 voucher.. but I only have 11k on me atm so it will take some time to save up for the last voucher I need for my giveaway. But this is a very generous thing you're doing! ♡
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  13. I suggest having to fill a survey/pm with the goal in mind for the voucher. As simple as having 4 reses, this can help a lot of people. Without you I think I wouldnt have my 4 square res if it was not from the trade. (maybe accept equivalent trades from new players too, since they mostly dont walk with 250k)
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  14. Wow! This is very generous of you Nick!
    I like what Todd said "Sell the vouchers by hand"
    In that way you can control who's buying and how often. Also to set up a limit on buying the vouchers would be good:)
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  15. Updated The OP
    Two Iron vouchers and one Gold voucher in stock!
    Sorry guys, no Diamond right now.:(
  16. Why couldn't I find this 3 hours ago :(
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  17. Get Your Vouchers Here People!
    Iron - One
    Gold - Six
    Diamond - One

    More Coming Soon! :D
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  18. Current:
    Diamond voucher sold already. Sorry People
    Two Gold vouchers, and One Iron left. They're going fast!
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  19. Ill take the iron one, I paid if you can send it to me
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