[SELLING] I sell God apples for 850r per apple

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Just thought I would finally advertise my shop. I'm a God Apple dealer.
    I deal in:
    - Regular (95r each) and God Apples (855r each)
    - Regeneration II (30r each ) and 2:00 (25r each) potions
    - XP Bottles (20r each)
    - Golden Carrots (2 for 30r)
    There is a preview sign on the God Apples chest. I will try and always have stock.
    I sell God Apples 855r - That is all. :) smp5, on res in front of /v mobarena
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  2. Where are the exp bottles?
  3. I'm sorry That I don't understand it but, are god Apple's the same as golden Apples? If so, could I order 15?
  4. God apples are the shiny golden apples, so the ones made with a apple and gold blocks :)
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  5. So, could I order 15? :D
  6. You don't order them; you buy them from smp4 on

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  7. yes, I sell both but I specialise in the Enchanted Golden Apples. Currently have about 11 Stacks in stock. To get to my shop just go to smp5, type /v mobarena, then turn around and its the res to the right with gold blocks.
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  8. bumps for da gold
  9. bump, currently just under 9 stacks in stock
  10. The irony smp4 selling something on smp5...
  11. Get your fix of God Apples for tonights Mobarena, bump
  12. Updated OP.

    Now also selling golden carrots 2 for 30r (1DC in stock)
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  13. Lots of stock. Get your fix, bump
  14. Still selling? I need a lot, What is your highest quantity that I could buy?
  15. I sell whatever is in stock at my shop. I may get some more soon. but probably not for a while.