[Selling] Grinder Girl Bow, Arrow and Bone Factory

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  1. Introducing a Grinder Girl Original Skeleton XP Farm

    Hey everyone! I found a skeleton spawner and decided to build and sell this lovely bow, arrow and bone factory for my amusement and your grinding pleasure.

    When I'm using a grinder that I purchased, or borrowing one from a friend, I always get nervous about where to stand to keep the spawner active. I can happily say that with this grinder, you can stand anywhere! I've excavated the room in such a way that wherever you are, you are within 15 blocks of the spawner. That means you can build that netherwart, wheat or melon farm and not have to worry because when you're tending your crops, the goodies will still be rolling in. The skeletons in the killing area have taken enough fall damage that they are a 2-3 punch kill or a 1 hit kill with any weapon.

    You all know that I wouldn't just stop there: included in the purchase price are two chests of goodies containing all you need to start several different kinds of farms as well as enough building materials to get you well on your way to customizing the enclosure.

    Additionally, this facility comes with the pictured work area below which includes an anvil (used twice during building), brewing station, enchanting table (with some bookshelves, but not a full complement) furnaces and a workbench. Incidentally, the facility is located on a slime chunk, so you might have a few gloopy green friends waiting for you when you arrive, but they won't spawn if you are in the room, I've afk'd there many times during construction and never had anything attack me.The facility is located on Utopia, so supporters only, an easy 700 blocks from one of the outposts.

    All this deliciousness can be yours for 10,000 Rupees (or the best offer). Please reply here or start up a conversation if you are interested in purchasing this XP farm.

    Also, disclaimer:

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  2. hmmm, if i had more i would deffinately buy this lovely mechanism. And if i was supporter
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  3. May I say that if you happen to run into a nice little skelly dungeon on any server but smp5, i would deffinately purchase it.
  4. I'll see what I can turn up for you :D I usually look farther out on the smp servers though, at least 6 or 7 thousand blocks, for safety. So you have a preference for server or distance, other than "not on 5"?
  5. i would really like this spawner plz consider my offer of 10k
  6. Ok, folks. This grinder has been spoken for. AmusedStew, I'll see what I can find for you.
  7. As long as not on 5, i wont mind how far, bit preferably like 4k blocks out if possible.Also if you find one soon, you must give me a little time to gather some money up. Thanks for seeing what you can do.
  8. I want it! I'm getting diamond membership tonight.

    Edit : I'm Diamond, I will pay 11k for the grinder.
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  9. As long as I can trust that the grinder will work and that you aren't trying to scam anyone out of this (although I do trust this and trust you, but you understand how online trades can go) I will easily pay 15-20k for this grinder. Just pm me if I'm still available to purchase the coords from you and we'll be good to go.
  10. I'm sorry, but I've already sold it :( I'll try to hunt up another spawner for you!
  11. I am also in the same boat as he is and I am willing to pay 25k if I really have too. I feel bad about trying to outbid Zidanetri0 but I really need an EXP farm.
  12. Wow, you guys (and gals) have blown me away with the response to this! I'll make more!
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  13. Well I like enchants... I just blew off like 5k on more enchants that I don't need or even care about... I can be a VERY impulsive buyer...
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  14. She's a mod if you didn't see, mods are trustworthy, and if they did scam chances are it wouldn't be taken lighty.

    And guys... stop throwing out prices lol. It's been sold :rolleyes:
  15. Yea but she said she will hunt for more... and I like things like that... a lot!
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  16. Oh, I do know this, but that is why I also stated that I do trust her, simply because she is a moderator. Yes, if you chamce upon another one, please keep me updated. I understand how these work creeper, thus even though she is a mod, I'm just stating that I trust her since things like selling coords, as stated in the forum post for these types of sells, are still to be treated with some care. Anything could happen, even outside of any of our hands with say, some random passerby. Always a chance something could occur.
  17. Just for the record, and anyone who has bought a grinder location from me can confirm, I never take payment for these until after the purchaser has toured and approved the facility. If anything is going to go wrong with the sale, I try to make sure the consequences fall on me, not the buyer. I've yet to have a problem or an unhappy customer :D
  18. In it for the customer. I like you more and more already ;3
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