[Selling] Grinder Girl Bow, Arrow and Bone Factory

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  1. Well, everyone, I've been looking and looking, but all I'm finding is zombie spawners. Is anyone interested in those?
  2. Of course! I mean sure skele spawners are nice but EXP is EXP. I would be more than willing to buy one. Although I would prefer for it to be on utopia.
  3. How much would I nice zombie one be?
  4. I think the last one I sold went for 8k, but it didn't have as much stuff included, like the brewing, enchanting and anvil stations. What do you think would be fair?
  5. I've only been looking on Utopia. I have two sites ready to build if people want to offer on zombie grinders.
  6. I just need the grinder and the room, no fancy stuff with it. 8k seems fine. What server would it be able to be on?
  7. The sites I have ready to build are both on Utopia.
  8. Ok. when would you be able to show me?
  9. Depends on how long it takes me to build it. No more than a day or two, I'd guess. I have a bit of time tomorrow to play. I'll start working on it ASAP and will let you know.
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  10. Ok thanks!
  11. I've got one built and ready for sale. It's about 950 blocks from one of the outposts on Utopia. Let me know when you want to see it :D
  12. You probably shouldn't have told everyone around where it is silly :p
    I know only supporters could be there but you never know what they could do.
  13. Um, sorry for that, but really, that's only what, 32 possible locations to search? I don't think I've given much away :p
  14. Yeah it's not that much, and I think most supporters wouldn't even dare. I'm a bit curious as to how you came up with 32 though... :confused: But yeah I think your right it'll be fine.
  15. Marg, as soon as you find a skele spawner I'm willing to pay ~30k for a well built one like the one pictured in the OP
  16. Well, there's 4 outposts, and I could have gone, N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, or NE from any of those...

    I'm looking, trust me!
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  17. One could always go 700 blocks out in 1 direction and walk in a large circle around the outpost
  18. And then be really disappointed because I always hide the entrances ;)
  19. How much per zombie grinder? And another thing, any doubles, triples and quadruples?
  20. The best offer so far on this zombie grinder is 8k. I don't have any multiple spawner sites at the moment, sorry.