[Selling] Enchanted Book Store SMP4 /v +ebooks

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  1. Dropped prices to rock bottom, lowest everyday prices, these are not specials!

    Get your Ebooks here and pick up some sweet diamonds tools, Exp bottles, or one of the many specials and daily free giveaways.

    SMP4 /v Gweeedz or /v +ebooks
    Enchanted Books. Best prices. Best service. Period.
  2. The books are really cheap. I was able to make two god pickaxes for under 2,500 rupees. I will definitely be shopping here again. :)
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  3. Razor thin margins against the production price and always in stock, what more can you ask? ;)
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  4. I came to his res with nothing in my inventory then I had no more space left.The prices were actually really cheap!:D
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  5. I have spent 100k here and bought over 50 DCs of items from here
    How much i love the shop
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  6. Thanks for your support guys! I actually woke up to something I've never seen before ... the out of stock light was on my unb3 chest! I went to bed thinking 120 would be enough to last the night :p but obviously I was wrong.
    Don't worry, currently expanding storage to make sure that doesn't happen again.
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  7. Wow, very cheap indeed. I'll be coming here alot. :)
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  8. Wow! So cheap!!!! Spent a couple k on enchbooks
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  9. So far I've thrown ~110,000 at you and I'm constantly buying lol
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  10. Same xD
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  11. I appreciate it guys! Doing my best to provide value and service. :)
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  12. Really cheap!
    In fact.. Some might say too cheap!
    *eyes suspiciously*
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  13. Great shop! I love the diamond gear!
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  14. This store is so cheap is friggin ridiculous. The man isn't getting any money from it, he's basically giving stuff away.
  15. He does take a thin margin, but nothing like some other shops that charge 1.4k for unbreaking 3.
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  16. These prices are straight up affordable easily. And phew if this shop can be kept stocked, I have no doubt many potential buyers are gonna be pouring in as soon as they find out. You can count on me to be back! ;)
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  17. Well he constantly stocks well over 2DCs of each book, so yep.
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  18. I maintain pretty high inventory levels, there are thousands of books in inventory at all times so I don't think we'll see any of the stock lights turning off in the ebook section. You will see the lights out in the saddles and nametags but never in the ebooks section.
  19. I notice that the base picks/axes/swords/chest/bow item are now vey popular. The next store project will be to increase the storage capacity of those items to reduce the stock-out situations, I will also put stock lights on the free items to make life easier on you.
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  20. I don't know how you manage to get 400000 EXP within the first week of October from these books but i like it :D :D
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