[Selling] Dirt, Dirt, and more Dirt!

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  1. Hello one and all. IM BACK!

    This is basically a re-post of a previous number of posts iv done in the past because I still have LOTS of dirt on my hands.

    I figured I would set this up because I am still full on dirt. I am selling lots of it at my res at 1215 on smp1. On the side of the res wall by the ice/snow cave. You can buy it in these quantities:

    32 for 1r
    64 for 2r
    128 for 4r
    and 1728 for 54r

    Now you might be saying "why go there when people give it out for free"

    Well because im usually always stocked on dirt these days (until someone or some people buy me out really fast) and in some of those cases like the 1728 that's a whole inventory full (except for the main bar) of dirt in one click.

    And because the people that offer free dirt only have like maybe a few stacks at most or only have a few chests full then they are done for good.

    I am also offering dirt at any time pretty much and giving up space on my res to sell it for dirt cheap.

    I still have these chests up because people keep buying dirt in big quantities at times and im okay with storing some on my res temp.

    Now if im on the server and in town while your buying this I will keep restocking. Otherwise I restock at least once a day when im on. Not many people buy the dirt except for maybe a stack or two.

    You also may be asking "Why would I need dirt?"

    Well thats a good question...... hmm... well... hmmm...

    Oh! Cause its a block which you can use as a temp. scaffolding for building something even cooler on your res.
    You can use it in the wild as a throw away block, one for pillar-ring up a hole/mountain.
    You can use it to build a small base to protect you from mobs at night.
    You can use it to fill in creeper blasts.
    You can even use it as an outline for future buildings and such.
    The possibilities might be endless, if you don't think to hard about it (like I did for this small list, which could have been really long if I really wanted to try!... maybe :p)

    So stop on by and get some dirt today!

    That's all folks.

    I may also bump this thread every now and then just to keep people informed of it so be prepared for notifications every now and then if you decide to watch this thread or reply in it without clicking the unwatch button.
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  2. When I saw this I thought "Who would buy dirt?" but your post definitely convinced me! :)
    Still though... I won't be buying, I've got more than enough myself. ;)
  3. I bet you got lots of jars of dirt. If I need dirt I may come around, I always need dirt for some reason and never have it.

  4. Now some of you might not be able to dock like a boss. Others might have it down easily. But for all of you, if you need dirt for an island to dock at.... look no further then 1215 on smp1! We have PLENTY of dirt in massive quantities all ready to go! Stop on by now!
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  5. If you don't buy my dirt, it's your own fault!

    Come on down to 1215 on smp1 to buy your dirt TODAY! :D