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  1. Everyone i opened a diamond business called 621op Diamonds so this is the price for the following items
    Diamond Tools-50r
    Diamond Block-200r
    Full set of diamond armor-500r
    Diamond Sword 30r
    I can only take one order at a time so put what you want below and please don't nag me saying where is my order and put how many you want and the price
  2. I'll buy all the diamond blocks you have (up to 10,000)
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  3. 35 diamond blocks for 7000
  4. lol, if these prices are for real I'll take 50 diamond blocks for 10k.
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  5. Ill get 2 diamond pic
  6. 64 diamond blox plz
  7. Too much RoBLOX ;)
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  8. I hate roblox.
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  9. 100 diamond picks and 10 full sets of armor
  10. Wow people LOVE diamonds....
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  11. Considering the fact that I'm your employee, will I still be able to buy stuff like this from you? EDITx2: If so, I just want 2 diamond picks, 1 diamond axe, and 1 diamond shovel please. :3

    EDIT: Wait, by diamond tools, you just mean any diamond tools besides swords are 50r each? Not a full toolset?
  12. I will take 100 diamond blocks for 20k also
  13. You are going to need to set limits 621op, or raise your prices.
    That being said, if you choose to do neither, I will take 500 diamond blocks for 100,000r
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  14. you can put me down for 50 diamond blocks for 10k please
  15. Pab, what does that nifty machine do?
  16. Coal+heat+pressure+time=diamonds!
  17. If this is real, I will take 20 stacks of diamond blocks.
    256k rupees.
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  18. 100 diamond blocks 20k
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