Selling Custom Skins for 500r!

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Which skin do you like best?

The steam-punk girl. 18 vote(s) 46.2%
The pirate. 3 vote(s) 7.7%
The unspeakable horror. 15 vote(s) 38.5%
None of them. They're all terrible. 3 vote(s) 7.7%
  1. Original, got it. ;) And thank you for the kind words. c:
  2. I really like the last one, it reminds me of the Amnesia monsters! xD
  3. Yay. <3
    I know you're busy with school and I am at the end of a list, but I was curious of an ETA? I'm not rushing, I'm just curious as to how long, on average, do these take?
  4. Well, really, I could do each of these in an hour, not counting corrections the customers want.
    But yeah, school and everything, plus I have an art panel coming up that I really have to work on, and a convention this weekend. D;
    So, I could maybe have it in by Monday, hopefully. I'm trying to get as many done as I can now while my oil paints dry. :x
  5. A busy bee you are. Thanks for the estimate. ^^
  6. Umm would u be able to tell me when mine wil be ready? Thanks :)
  7. You're who I'm working on next, so I may have it by tomorrow. But I'm going to be very busy this week, so I may not have it til Monday.
  8. Kk :)BTW good job!
  9. Hey mandrake, just wanted to make sure mine was on the list =D hope for an update. thanks!
  10. Hi! Could you give me an estimate of when the skin will be done? Also, could you tell me how much progress you've made on it?

    Thank you!
  11. Now everyone wants an ETA. I'm sorry. lol
  12. If the requesters and the artist don't mind it...could you add the results of these skins in the original post? I'd really like to see how they turn out : )
    Edit: as a fellow artist, your skins are really awesome.
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  13. Is my skin finished yet??? :confused:
  14. She said she was busy. And to worry about them Monday ish. There are 48 school-less hours for her to mess with them this weekend. Being able to do them up in an hour I'm sure it won't be a problem. o:
  15. I would be glad to pay for one that simply looks like me! lol
    Redish brown long hair... blue eyes... no gross eye makeup and maybe RJ on the shirt.... And of course LOOKS like a
  16. i would like to order one who looks like Teal'c in stargate SG1
    If you dont know,Google it...he is tall,has alot of muscels,gold tatoo in head,broun skin
  17. Have you started on my skin yet? I hate to be impatient but if you have, would you be able to tell me how far it has come?
  18. I fear that this thread has closed...
  19. if possible this would be nice i'll pay extra since it seems difficult



    i under stand if u cant get the details or if u dont want to do it
  20. He's moving, so he's been on a break, or she I think*