Selling Custom Skins for 500r!

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Which skin do you like best?

The steam-punk girl. 18 vote(s) 46.2%
The pirate. 3 vote(s) 7.7%
The unspeakable horror. 15 vote(s) 38.5%
None of them. They're all terrible. 3 vote(s) 7.7%
  1. Can you make a Creeper Pimp? and on the back of the white jacket can it be a Steve head and not a creeper face? :p
  2. I was wondering if the business is still open or if I am late?
  3. Well. Im thinking of ordering a skin of you :) I dont know what i want it to be like, But It has to look Original!

  4. Something like this would be cool. I've been meaning to get a cool skin

    And no I have no idea what manga this is.
  5. I would pay 10 k if it worked
  6. Oh yeah, i have a night akin, butthe helmet never works. Can you get me a working golden night skin, with the red eyes and gold armor and red cape? Search up gold night and use planet minecraftsresault
  7. Knight skin, lol not night
  8. And do NOT emal it, give it in a conversation
  9. You do know you can edit the comment instead of spamming the thread :l
  10. Just wondering if mine is going to be worked on?
  11. You'd have to talk to the Skin maker in-game. I have been trying to contact her but I have school and she isn't on when I am on.
  12. No no, business is still totally open. It's just I went back to school this week and haven't had much time for MC. n_n;
  13. I can do original. ;)
    Is there anything you like in particular maybe? Robots? Monsters? Guinea pigs? Robot monster guinea pigs?
  14. So, if I understand it correctly, you would like a knight with gold armor, red eyes and a red cape?
    And about your helmet not showing up - I've been having problems with my head items as well. I'm thinking it's a bug kicked up when MC was being worked on, and version 1.1 may have fixed it. I'm not certain, though.
  15. So sorry!
    I've been in school too and haven't been on as often. >,<
  16. man i wish i had known about this before i made my botched skin, but now I'm attached... how about i pay you to MODIFY my skin for every holiday? i could pay you for each individual one. if this wouldn't be too hard i would like to make some requests :)
    Christmas Halloween birthday? new years 4th of July Easter thanksgiving
    maybe more if i could think of them. now i dont really care when they are done either, or even if you would want to make them :p
    but like i said i would pay for each individually. i would like if they where only things like hats, or maybe a badge. nothing changed to the gas mask or canister please! dont try hard to be creative. cant think of anything for halloween? fine. i dont really care, neither can i.
    one last thing is that i would prefer them sent individually, maybe once a day over a week, because i still want some spending money :p and wait till i put up my skin. ill do that once my laptop is charged, so tomorrow probably.
  17. Yeah, I could do that :D
    Hats would be a bit difficult, and as of late there seems to be some problems generating head accessories.
    I could do badges. Maybe different emblems on the torso? (Like a t-shirt)
    Also, I'm having more trouble thinking of something for Thanksgiving...
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  18. hmmm... thanksgiving... idk either. but my skin seems to have no problem with head pieces. but its a suit, not a t-shirt, and i would prefer not to deviate from my design since i have a giant statue of it in my lot in smp2. but maybe you are just coloring in the wrong places? i would try minersneedcoolshoes because they have an editor where it shows where everything is, like the head accessories. it also has a 3d image that you can rotate. (i know this because that is how i made my skin :).
    for stuff like christmas im okay if you change the colors from grey and black to red and white (youll see once i give it to you) so its like a santa suit :) maybe a pilgrim outfit for thanksgiving?
  19. Any news on my Grim Reaper skin Mandrake? Or is it going to be too difficult to make in Minecraft?