Selling Custom Skins for 500r!

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Which skin do you like best?

The steam-punk girl. 18 vote(s) 46.2%
The pirate. 3 vote(s) 7.7%
The unspeakable horror. 15 vote(s) 38.5%
None of them. They're all terrible. 3 vote(s) 7.7%
  1. Actually, I just finished it :D It's uploading right now.
  2. The helmet wont appear. Look at planets file
  3. Could u please do me one of this? I hopr u can :p
  4. That please? ^^
  5. Daw, it's so cute n_n
    I'll put you on the waiting list, smiley!
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  6. Thanks Mandrake :D
  7. You should add a queue to the original post so we know whos being worked on
  8. Mandrake hows my skin coming?
  9. Ermmmm... Yeh. :D FALLOUT-3-COVER.jpg
  10. Okay, so I have this burning idea, A zombie [either minecraft styled or somthing like from COD]
    Wearing a white suite with a black or red tie, A single eye glass [stethescop? no, thats heartbeat.] a GUNSHOT wound in the chest, bleeding slightly over the suite, bright RED shoes [with a leather look OF COURSE!] and A guitar strapped on his back. Thats the most creative amazing thing I can think of. Write it down! :D Tell me when its done :p
  11. My request is nothing challenging unfortunately. It is a rabbit in a suit, with simple colors. No need for overhead pointy ears, so there shouldn't be any trouble. His ears are lop, and hang behind his head.

    Here are some reference pictures:

    Reno avi.jpg

    The above are two reference pictures. The following is a top I'd like to see added.

    Normally Reno(The rabbit you will be working on) doesn't wear a top aside from his black tie and white shirt, but to not bore you to death, I will add more for you to do. I find this suit most desirable...But for specifics: His pants are STILL BLACK, and his tie is STILL BLACK. No hostility, but I've had bad commissions due to me not specifying important details clearly. And I can't really say no...Since I'm too nice. :p

    I've always wanted a custom MC skin. If you can pull this off, your rupees are guaranteed. And I will love you forever, as an added bonus.

    Though...Since I'm new to the community, I will have to figure out how to send you rupees, and how to apply my custom skin. Haha...I've never done either. x_x
  12. Also, since this character is completely create by myself, if you need any additional details what so ever, please feel free to ask me. I can provide as much information as you need, even more pictures should you require them. ^^
  13. I want something completely original, something no-one has seen before. If you do this well I will gladly pay 1000r for it, although I will need to save up. I appreciate this service! It's great that people like you are taking the time out to make these.
  14. That suit is gorgeous ' A'
    And details are good. I'd hate to make something a customer wasn't satisfied with.
    Yep, I can do this. And I can tell you how to apply the skin too, once I'm finished. c: